Memo to Division I: This Is How It's Done

Brad JamesCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2008

Even though the fall semester is over, it becomes expedient for me, Professor James, to lecture Division I on how a college football playoff must work if it doesn't want to face scorn and ridicule the rest of its days. 

Some people here on b/r have gone to extreme lengths in both idiocy and insanity to try to prove to me why playoffs aren't the way to go.

No matter how strenuous the petitions of the traditionalists who sustain the BCS are, all of their idle chatter means nothing to me.

What speaks loudly to me are the I-AA (I refuse to call it FCS) playoffs and the magnificent display that Montana and James Madison put on at Harrisonburg, Va., on Friday evening.

First of all, the intro to the game carried a huge graphic that said NO BCS. That was AWESOME!!!

With that said, the Grizzlies and Dukes played an excellent game, which had more drama than Division I football can ever hope for under the current system.

You see, BCS myopians, the NFL is becoming all the more compelling with the impending playoffs in the next few weeks.

College basketball is magnificent in March and is actually pretty good right now, regardless of what our friend Jason Whitlock would have you believe.

The best that Penn State president and BCS kingpin Graham Spanier can tell the media is college football has the best regular season in the world.

Yes, and Sam Bowie was the right pick for the Portland Trail Blazers as well.

The BCS is like one of those Vanilla Jell-O pudding pops that Bill Cosby pimped back in the day.

It looks appealing on TV but once you buy them they melt all over your hands and the mess gets all over everything. Jell-O pudding pops were the cause of much anger from my mom.

As for the game, the young man pictured above, Chase Reynolds, amassed 173 all-purpose yards and three total touchdowns while James Madison thrived behind the excellence of reserve signal-caller Drew Dudzik.

In fact on fourth-and-20, with James Madison trailing, 35-27, Dudzik fired a pass into the hands of Rockeed McCarter and it appeared as if the drive would remain alive before Montana's Andrew Swink knocked it away.

Thus, not only were we rewarded as fans for watching such a compelling game, the story continues as Montana goes to Chattanooga, Tenn., for a real national championship.

Richmond and Northern Iowa play Saturday afternoon for the right to get a shot at the dynastic Grizz, who have made the playoffs for the 16th consecutive year.

As for the caste ERRRR bowl system, the winner of the Orange Bowl gets to hold a bunch of rotting oranges and win a stupid archaic trophy.

Big deal. Playoffs rule, the BCS sucks. Class dismissed!