WWE: 2011 Survivor Series PPV Will Be the Last One for This Struggling Event

Travis SmithAnalyst IINovember 4, 2011

For over 20 years, the November classic of pay-per-view events for the pro wrestling industry has been the Survivor Series. This pay-per-view event originally consisted of all Survivor Series tag team elimination matches in which the oddest pairing of superstars would put their differences aside in order to go to war with the opposition.

This pay-per-view event was a staple for years as fans would order this event right before the Thanksgiving holiday. Wrestling fans and superstars once viewed this event as the second biggest pay-per-view event of the entire year just right behind of WrestleMania. Now fans seem to care less about this event and treat it like any other pay-per-view. As much as this pains me to say this, I feel that it is time for the WWE to get rid of this event after this year.

Sure there are the traditional wrestling fans that love everything that is classic about the pro wrestling industry and they will probably feel that this event should never be gotten rid of. Yes, I know that this is a staple event of the WWE, but the Survivor Series hasn’t been viewed as one of the more successful events on the WWE calendar since 2005.

There isn’t that same hype around the event as it once was and I feel that maybe the WWE needs to scratch the event all together. The event hasn’t grossed as much revenue as the WWE would have expected the event to do in the past four to five years. T

his event has fallen off many fans radar as a, “Must-see PPV event”. Now this event gets little to no hype behind it and is thrown together worse than a Rachael Ray salad. This event is not a must-need show and can be scratched in favor of a pay-per-view that fans will want to see.

I believe that this year’s event will maybe pull in stronger numbers than years past because this will be the first time since 2004 that The Rock has stepped back inside the wrestling ring. Die-hard WWE fans will want to see how much ring rust that The Rock may have and to see the tag team of two of the biggest fan favorites in pro wrestling history.

While The Rock will pull in good numbers, it won’t be as big of a success as some experts believe. The undercard of the show again looks stale and there isn’t even a mention of a Survivor Series tag team match yet.

I know that it will be weird to not see the Survivor Series on a pay-per-view schedule, but it is something that the WWE needs to do for 2012. The WWE can replace this event with several other key events and really catch the eye of the younger fans of the wrestling industry.

What about the King of the Ring pay-per-view? That event did well in its heyday of pay-per-view events and it fits the new generation “gimmick” pay-per-view event schedule of the WWE. If the idea doesn’t work, then the company can always bring back the Survivor Series in 2013.

So this year’s Survivor Series event may be the make or break time for this struggling pay-per-view franchise. If the show doesn’t generate big numbers then I can see the show being scraped for 2012 and personally I feel that it will happen because fans are not into this event as they use to be. It is time to move in a new direction for a fall classic of a pay-per-view and say good bye to the Survivor Series.

Now if you have any comments at all about the Pay-Per-View event, any points I’ve brought up, or any new ideas to help this struggling event out then please leave your comments below in the comment box. Remember that the only bad comment is not having any comment at all!