Fantasy Football: The Fantasy Impact of Ahmad Bradshaw's Foot Injury

John Miller@SportsSomethingCorrespondent IIINovember 3, 2011

Bradshaw is yet another elite fantasy RB who has fallen victim to injury this season
Bradshaw is yet another elite fantasy RB who has fallen victim to injury this seasonNick Laham/Getty Images

Players get slapped with the "injury-prone" tag quite often. Maybe it is because a player seems to constantly suffer minor injuries or perhaps it is because a player suffered an injury in the past. Once you've severely injured something, it is never quite the same again.

That brings us to Ahmad Bradshaw's foot. This injury dates back to a foot injury that he suffered in college. The current reports are that he suffered a cracked bone in his foot and he will at minimum, miss several games. He is contemplating surgery that could sideline him for the remainder of the season.

Yep, it is pretty much as bad as it sounds. Bradshaw has already had screws inserted into this foot, so this is very serious. This foot is a big reason that Bradshaw couldn't land a huge contract in free agency. It is also the reason that the Giants hesitated for years to give Bradshaw a large workload.

Brandon Jacobs has been very vocal about wanting more work. Well, he just got it in spades. Even though the Giants have an excellent passing offense, coach Tom Coughlin believes in offensive balance. Jacobs could approach 20 touches per game while Bradshaw is out. This includes all of the work at the goal line. Obviously, Jacobs just became the most popular free agent in fantasy football.

In deeper leagues or in PPR leagues, you might have another option as well. Danny (DJ) Ware looks likely to see quite a few snaps as the Giants primary RB on passing downs. Ware has shown flashes of talent in the past and he is worth adding at least until we see how all of this shakes out.

If you own Bradshaw and Jacobs/Ware, you should hold onto Bradshaw for as long as possible, or until he is officially pronounced out for the season. If your fantasy team has a lousy record and Ahmad Bradshaw, you have to sell him ASAP. Even if he returns in three weeks, your fantasy team might be out of playoff contention by then.

If you are in this situation, check out the standings in your league. Find the team(s) with the best record and offer them Bradshaw for somebody that can help you right now. If your team is 3-5 or even 4-4, you cannot wait and see with Bradshaw.

Yes, there is always the "Pujols Factor". If you played fantasy baseball this season, you know Albert Pujols (fantasy baseball stud) broke his arm/wrist in the middle of the summer. He was projected to miss 4-6 weeks and nobody knew if he would return at full power. Of course he missed less than two weeks and returned as good as ever.

Is there a chance you get burned by dealing Bradshaw quickly? Yes. I would call it about 20 percent. However, at this point in the season, making the playoffs are all that matter for your team. If you wait until next week to deal Bradshaw, it might be too late. While there is the promise of him returning in the not-so-distant future, he still has trade value. Once he decides to have surgery, or is ineffective when he returns, his trade value disappears. You need to be proactive now, even if it means you might make a mistake.

Thanks for reading. Have anything to add to the discussion? Please use the comments feature below. Questions are welcome, but please be as specific and detailed as possible. Good luck to all of your teams this week.

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