Sex, Drugs, and Concealed Weapons: Part 2 of The NFL All Convict Team

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IDecember 12, 2008

Already got the offensive side of the ball out of the way.  Now, let's get to the defenders that could take any "Gridiron Gang" or "Longest Yard" crew.



Leonard Little

Little won a Super Bowl with the St. Louis Rams and is still currently on their roster (almost feel bad for him).  After his rookie season of 1998, he celebrated his birthday by getting drunk and going for a joyride. 

The joy changed to horror when he killed another driver that night.  He received 90 days in jail and four years of probation, or in other words, not even a slap on the wrist. 

In 2004, he was once again arrested for drunk driving, but somehow pleaded down to a speeding conviction.  Hmm, perhaps Johnny Cochran was reincarnated?


Dan Wilkinson

Big Daddy Wilkinson was another in the long line of Cincinnati Bengals first round bust picks.  Or even more specifically, first pick overall busts. 

Despite not living up to expectations, he did have a long NFL career playing also for Washington, Detroit, and Miami, before being released for the last time before last season. 

He managed to find time out to beat up his pregnant girlfriend in 1996.  Ten years later, he was sued by a sports company for breach of contract.  The suit has not been resolved.


Tank Johnson

Ah yes, the player who had to appear in court to get a permit to leave the state so he could play in the Super Bowl.  Terry "Tank" Johnson's arrests were related mostly to gun possession. 

But while on probation for that, he was arrested for assault and resisting arrest outside a nightclub in which he verbally threatened a police officer.  Although those charges were dropped, he had plenty more in store. 

His bodyguard was arrested for possession of marijuana and during a search found more weapons in Johnson's home, violating his probation.  Roger Goodell issued a suspension for Johnson for the first games of the season. 

However, before he could even get to training camp, he was picked up on suspicion of drunk driving.  Although acquitted, the Bears waived him. 

And which team would pick him up?  Why, the Cowboys of course!

The league's answer to the second, third, fourth, etc. chances.  So far he's been on his best behavior, probably because he's overshadowed by another player to be named on the list (gee, wonder who that could be).



Ray Lewis

The only Super Bowl MVP who was NOT invited to Disney World, and asked not to endorse the theme park.  The year before winning the Super Bowl, Lewis and two of his entourage were arrested after a fight at a party broke out and two people were stabbed to death. 

Under questioning, Lewis lied to police saying he did not even know the members of his own entourage.  He was indicted for murder, along with his two buddies he claimed not to know.

However, testimonies from witnesses at the scene were discredited during the trial.  The majority of the evidence proved to be inconclusive, and his lawyers orchestrated a deal to dismiss the charges in exchange for a guilty plea of obstruction of justice.

He was not suspended by the NFL since, well, Roger Goodell wasn't in office at the time, but he was fined a quarter of a million dollars.  He would later reach cash settlements with families of the victims.


Lance Briggs

When Tank Johnson left the Bears, somebody had to pick up the void of law breaking.  In August 2007, his car was found crashed in an expressway.  Briggs told the police that his car had been stolen. 

However, he later changed his story and admitted it was he who was driving and crashed it.  He was charged with leaving the scene of an accident. 

Although not convicted and barely charged with anything, his bonehead action earns him a place on this list.


Hollywood Henderson

So much for "America's Team."  Yet another Dallas Cowboy, but amazingly, this one was not part of the Jerry Jones regime.  Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson played six seasons in the NFL, most notably with Dallas. 

Henderson regularly used cocaine while not just on the team, but on the sidelines during games.  And not just during games, during Super Bowl XIII! 

Coach Tom Landry didn't just release him, he "fired" him right before the team's 1979 Thanksgiving game.  Within a year, he was out of the NFL, but not out of the papers.

In November 1983, he was arrested for smoking crack with two underage girls, and to add insult to injury, threatening them with a gun and sexual assault.

To prove his "innocence" he simply said he gave them crack in exchange for sex…?  He served two years in prison, but has since cleaned up his act.  If only his teammates that followed in his footsteps could have done the same.


Lawrence Taylor

The hall of fame linebacker played thirteen seasons for the New York Giants, winning two Super Bowl rings as well as being the last defensive player to be named the league's most valuable player, and being named to the Pro Bowl his first ten seasons as a pro.

He even headlined another major event with roman numerals, Wrestlemania XI, where he defeated Bam Bam Bigelow.  He also portrayed a character very close to himself in the 1999 film "Any Given Sunday". 

But, it wasn't always good times.  He drank regularly, and tested positive for cocaine numerous times.   He went so far as to substitute teammates' urine for his own. 

He would also send prostitutes to opponents' hotel rooms to tire them out.  He even appeared to team meetings in handcuffs.  As he approached retirement, he claimed the only thing that kept him going through life was the ability to do cocaine without having to worry about a drug test.

After going in and out of rehab, he admitted that his home had become a crack house.  However, he's been able to overcome his demons, and even spoofed his own life problems in the Adam Sandler movie, "The Waterboy."


Odell Thurman

Thurman was suspended the first four games of the 2006 NFL season for various drug charges and a drunk driving charge.  The suspension was extended for the rest of the season and he was expected back for the 2007 season.

However, he and his brother were charged with assault and although not convicted was suspended again.  Earlier this year, he faced a grand jury for another assault charge, but once again avoided conviction.

He was set to return the Bengals, but failed another drug test, and cannot apply for reinstatement until after the 2008 season.



Pacman Jones

I don't want this article to go on longer than it already has so let's just skip this latest Cowboy to have legal problems.  But in the Cowboys' defense, the majority of his legal problems happened before he joined their team. 

This begs the question though, why would they sign him in the first place?


Eugene Robinson

Robinson played in three consecutive Super Bowls, winning only the first of them with the Green Bay Packers.

On the morning before the last of those when he was a member of the Falcons, he won  the Bart Starr Award for high moral character.$

However, that night he was arrested for soliciting an undercover cop posing as a prostitute.  After his team was routed the next day by the Broncos, he gave back the award and was generally never heard from again.


Ricky Manning Jr.

Manning was drafted by the Panthers in 2003 and is currently on the roster for the Rams.  But there was a time when he was on the Chicago Bears during their Super Bowl appearance, and you know what they say about peer pressure.

After a few assault charges to his name, he went for the jugular when he went up to a random student sitting at a table and called him an "ugly f***ing Jew" and a "faggot."

The student tried to ignore it, but that most have only infused Manning, as he and his friends beat the student senseless.  He faced charges for it, but claimed he only "touched" his head and that his friends did "most" of the beating.

He's stayed out of the public eye pretty much, but that could just be because he is playing on St. Louis.


Raphel Cherry

Yeah, I never heard of him either.  His playing years were limited to only three in the late 1980's.  However, he would get attention in 1999 when he was convicted of strangling his wife to death.

He is currently serving a life sentence which proves that if you have enough of an NFL career, you might be able to get away with it.  But if you're obscure and mediocre, you're going to jail for life.



Sebastian Janikowski

And you thought kickers were harmless.  While still in college for the Florida State Seminoles, he was picked up for numerous bar fights. 

After declaring his intention to enter the NFL draft, he was out with an old friend who was picked up by police.  He then went up to the officer and reportedly offered him a bribe to just let him off. 

You'd think this kind of behavior would repel teams from drafting him.  I mean, the only team that would be interested in him would be the Oakland Raiders and…oh wait, he was selected by the Oakland Raiders. 

Not only that, he was selected with their FIRST-ROUND pick!  They must've been impressed with his leg, or his ability to use his legs to outrun police.

Dave Meggett

Remember this guy?  He is a very good kick returner for the Giants and Patriots.  That came to an end after 1998 when he was accused of sexually assaulting a prostitute.

Before then, he was also charged with solicitation while with New York.  He later upgraded to non-payment of child support, and went back to old habits, but this time beating up his girlfriend, and who knows, she might have been a prostitute as well.


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