There's Always Room for Fantasy Football

Len LosalioContributor IDecember 12, 2008

This has been a season of first for me. First time I tried playing Fantasy Football, joined three different leagues. First time I have been posting on my teams blogs, Washington Redskins blogs. First time playing other ESPN Fantasy games for the fun of it all. 

It was really an interesting endeavor to create teams using different players from different teams to make your own team. I started out using members of my the Redskins, my favorite NFL team. At first I scored well but not enough to win. After picking up better players and with a lot of luck at picking off the wire, I started to win some.

Now, at the end of the season, I have one team in the playoffs and two team out. Not bad for a first timer, I feel.

I realized something since playing these fantasy games. Not all of the players from my favorite team will garner points to help me win, loyalty out the door in the Fantasy World. The experts are not always correct on predicting next weeks players that will get enough points for you.

Do your own research on different players and your needs for your team, don't rely on the experts. Sometimes its better to let your daughters or your wife choose players, based on their uniforms because they gain points. Trust in Peyton Manning, no matter how poorly he did initially. The Patriots will always play hard, and the team will be ready to go into the playoffs.

Some Rookies that were great this season for me: Steve Slaton RB for Houston. Matt Forte RB for Chicago. Matt Ryan QB for Atlanta. Donnie Avery WR for Saint Louis. Joe Flacco QB for Baltimore. Devon Bess WR for Miami. 

These are some great talents for the future. Some of the other players that came up huge for me too: Payton Manning QB for Indianapolis, Matt Cassel QB for Patriots, Owen Daniels and Bo Scaife Along with Chris Cooley at tight end.

Anquan Bouldin, Eddie Royal, Tedd Ginn, Justin Gage, Antwan Randel El, and some others that do not come to mind. Through out the season I have changed different players that faced easier opponents.

For those that did not partake in Fantasy play, I suggest they try it out because it makes you more aware of the goings on throughout the entire league. It help educate you more about the game. It is highly addictive and is full of fun in the right leagues.  Try it out for the fun of it, you just might like it.