WWE: 7 Reasons Miz and R-Truth Are a Great Team

Trevor MedeirosCorrespondent INovember 3, 2011

WWE: 7 Reasons Miz and R-Truth Are a Great Team

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    While members of Cenation and Team Bring It must feel like John Cena and the Rock will roll in their tag team match at Survivor Series, don’t sell short the duo of the Miz and R Truth, better known as Awesome Truth.

    Since forming in late summer, Awesome Truth has made plenty of waves in and out of the ring.  They make for a great team, a team very capable of pulling the upset at Survivor Series in a few weeks.

    You want to know why?  In case you do, here are seven reasons.

They Complement Each Other Very Well

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    While some of the greatest tag teams in recent WWE history (like the Hardy Boyz, the Dudleys and the Road Warriors) didn’t necessarily have great balance, it doesn’t hurt to have some.  The Miz and R Truth are a well-balanced tag team.

    On one hand, you have R Truth.  Even the most defiant Little Jimmy can’t deny that Ron Killings has incredible athletic ability. 

    Of course, to be a professional wrestler, you have to be a pretty polished athlete by default.  Still, whenever I watch Truth maneuver around the squared circle, I can’t help thinking if this whole wrestling thing hadn’t worked out, Killings would’ve made a solid pro football or basketball player.

    Even at age 39, Truth still has a killer physique, and continues to perform corkscrew scissors kicks and random leg splits with as much vigor as he did during his early TNA days.

They Complement Each Other Very Well (continued)

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    On the other hand, you have the Miz.  I have to say; in terms of athletic ability, Mike Mizanin trails his partner in crime, R Truth. 

    But what he lacks in athleticism, Mizanin more than makes up for in technical wrestling skills.  Lost in all of the conspiracy theories, narcissism and self-proclaimed awesomeness is the fact that the Miz has improved tremendously over the years in the ring.

    While he’ll never be confused with guys like Daniel Bryan in terms of overall ability, the Miz has quietly become one of the more polished wrestlers in the entire WWE.  The snap DDT he’s integrated into his repertoire has been vicious, while the Skull-Crushing Finale (and now Little Jimmy Finale) is one of the more effective finishers in WWE.

    Not too bad for a guy who for years was cast aside as nothing more than a reality-star reject.

They Have John Laurinaitis in Their Corner

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    For anyone out there who doesn’t believe Awesome Truth and the WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim General Manager of Raw John Laurinaitis (I just had to squeeze that full title in there) have been in cahoots over a little conspiracy of their own, you deserve a Little Jimmy Finale.

    Back when Triple H was Raw GM, Miz and Truth were constantly committing heinous acts in an attempt to undermine his authority and cost him his job.  And every time this happened, Laurinaitis was lurking in the background.

    Then when Triple H was relieved of his GM duties and Laurinaitis took over, what was one of the new GM’s first acts of duty?  That’s right; he reinstated Awesome Truth.  Coincidence?  I think not.

They Have John Laurinaitis in Their Corner (continued)

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    And just because both parties got what they wanted (Laurinaitis became Raw GM; Awesome Truth were brought back) don’t assume that the partnership between these devious forces is over.  Surely, Awesome Truth will be looking for some help in their Survivor Series showdown between the Rock and John Cena.

    Who better to pull some strings and provide that help than Laurinaitis?  Maybe Johnny Ace will implement a special stipulation to the match or authorize some outside interference in an effort to put the screws to Awesome Truth’s Survivor Series opponents—particularly Cena.

    I’m sure Laurinaitis never likes when Cena mocks his monotone, raspy voice or mentions one of Johnny Ace’s embarrassing traits.  Why wouldn’t he want to give Cena some much-deserved payback?

The Miz and R Truth Are Pretty Good to Begin with

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    In the days of Super Cena and Mega Orton, it’s easy for the WWE Universe to forget that both the Miz and R Truth have had pretty impressive runs of their own lately.  Turning heel was the best thing to ever happen to R Truth. 

    The Little Jimmys may not agree, but after he ditched his goofy rapping and dancing persona and focused on his personal goals, Truth skyrocketed to the top ranks of the Raw roster.  That was no more evident than this past summer, when Truth main-evented the WWE’s Capitol Punishment pay-per-view.

    Of course, he did lose his match against John Cena, which was for the WWE Championship.  Still, do you think Truth even gets a sniff at a match like that if he was still foolishly prancing around for the enjoyment of all the little Jimmys out there?

The Miz and R Truth Are Pretty Good to Begin with

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    While Truth’s recent career surge has been impressive, the Miz’s has been downright “awesome!”  Over the past two years, Mizanin has held nearly every title in the WWE, including the prestigious WWE championship.

    And to top it off, the Miz defied all odds and retained the WWE title at the most recent WrestleMania in Atlanta against John Cena.  Granted, he had a little help courtesy of the Rock (ironically, his Survivor Series opponent).  Still, anytime you can walk out of WrestleMania with the WWE title still around your waist, you take it.

    In essence, both Miz and Truth have had great runs in WWE lately.  Pair the two together, and you have a tag team destined to make an epic run of its own.

They're United in Their Cause

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    Most tag teams come together under natural circumstances.  Some of them form because they’re siblings (like Edge and Christian or the Hardy Boyz), while others form because they have similar wrestling abilities (like Air Boom), or because they come from larger stables (like X-Pac and Road Dogg or David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty).

    The Miz and Truth came together for a more unassuming reason: to fight the so-called “conspiracy” (or, according to Truth, c-o-n-SPIRACY) against them.

They're United in Their Cause (continued)

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    Since they came together under one cause, the duo of Miz and Truth has remained united.  They’ve been hell bent in their efforts to get to the bottom of whatever conspiracy they think exists against them, even costing one Raw GM (Triple H) his job in the process.

    It’s good to see a team like Awesome Truth so focused and united.  Now they just need to channel some of that energy in their efforts to overcome the Dream Team tag team of the Rock and John Cena at Survivor Series.

The Miz Is "Awesome!"

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    In nearly all sports, usually when you have the player who’s considered the best in the business on a team, that team’s the best, or one of the best. 

    Michael Jordan is regarded as the best basketball player ever, and his Bulls won six NBA titles. 

    Tom Brady has been called the best quarterback in the NFL for years, and it’s no coincidence that the New England Patriots have won many more games than they lost during this time.

    The Miz has been called the best in the world (sorry, CM Punk).  So doesn’t that make Awesome Truth a great tag team by default? 

The Miz Is "Awesome!" (continued)

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    Before you jump down my throat for making that bold statement in the last slide about the Miz being the best, let me just say that’s not my opinion; that’s the opinion of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.  Every year, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, the highly respect publication, publishes its coveted PWI 500 issue, ranking the top 500 wrestlers in the industry.

    And who did they choose as number one this year?  That’s right, the man who calls himself “awesome,” Mike Mizanin.  It’s one thing for someone in the IWC to declare that the Miz is the best.  When you have a credible publication like PWI concluding that Mizanin is not only the best in WWE, but the entire industry, that’s says a lot.

They Have a Chip on Their Shoulders

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    Can you think of two Raw Superstars who have been more disrespected than the Miz and R Truth have been over the past few months?  It’s certainly not John Cena, who has won the WWE title like 10 more times so far this year.  It’s not CM Punk.  The WWE Universe has been eating out of his hand since July.  And it’s not Alberto Del Rio, who saw his destiny fulfilled at Summer Slam.

    During the first half of 2011, both members of Awesome Truth were sky high.  The Miz entered the year with the WWE Championship—a championship he retained straight through WrestleMania.  To top it all off, he was even named the top wrestler in PWI’s 500 issue. 

    And R Truth saw the biggest push of his career come after his heel turn.  He even got a WWE title match at Capitol Punishment against John Cena.

They Have a Chip on Their Shoulders (continued)

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    Then, the summer of Punk hit.  Phil Brooks blew up and became the biggest thing in wrestling since Stone Cold after his unscripted rant at the end of a late—June Raw.  Since then, Punk has been in the main event constantly, while Miz and Truth have been relegated to the tag team ranks.

    You don’t think that irks them?   Both Miz and Truth have been disrespected, and they’re not going to stop until they feel they once again get the respect they deserve.  A disrespected Awesome Truth is a dangerous one.  Rocky and Cena could be walking right into a buzz saw at Survivor Series.

They Have Nothing to Lose

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    Awesome Truth basically stared career death in the eye and lived to tell about it.  The two wreaked tons of havoc all over the WWE, some of which had not been seen since the birth of the Nexus.

    Shortly after two hooked up, they interfered in matches and beat up referees.  They even undermined—and occasionally brawled with—the great Triple H.  And they epically laid waste to Raw’s top three superstars—CM Punk, John Cena and Alberto Del Rio—inside of Hell in a Cell at the eponymous pay-per-view.

They Have Nothing to Lose (continued)

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    After such despicable and defiant actions, the two were understandably fired by Triple H.  But here’s the catch:  they were reinstated a mere weeks later by Interim GM John Laurinaitis.  After getting away with everything just short of murder, Miz and Truth must feel untouchable.

    With that attitude, and the damage they’ve already inflicted on WWE, there’s no telling what they’re capable of when they step into the ring against Rock and Cena.  It should make for a great match come Survivor Series.