Cole Hamels: Say Whatever You Want, I Love It

Joe PawlikowskiContributor IDecember 12, 2008

Jeff Carter could lead the NHL in goals this year, Brian Westbrook could carry the Eagles on his back into the playoffs, DeSean Jackson is one of the most exciting rookies this city has ever had, and you could practically pick any Phillie as your favorite Philly sports athlete.  Right now my vote is for Cole Hamels.

Not only was he the NLCS and World Series MVP with perhaps the most clutch performances in Philly postseason sports history, but he is taking the time to stick it to the Mets in the offseason. 

When asked by a New York sports talk host if the Mets were choke artists, Hamels said yes for the past two years.  He also ripped on Jose Reyes for his finger in the air after home runs and not acting like he's been there before. 

Some might say this is bulletin board material for the Mets and this will escalate the rivalry even more.  Frankly I think it is already as intense as it's ever going to be. I love it because the Phillies absolutely own the Mets and there is really nothing they can say to change that. 

The Mets are choke artists, there is no argument around it.  Hamels had the balls to say it without relenting, and really why should he?  And how can we not love this as Philly sports fans?  New York fans have always looked down on us, thinking their city is the greatest in the world and calling us the city of losers. 

Are we really supposed to hold back from shoving it in their face now that we have bested them two years in a row?  No way, you should remind these low-life's every time they try to infiltrate Citizens Bank Park with their stupid "Let's Go Mets" chants.  How about "Let's Go Home Every October".

After seeing the Philadelphia take the division for the second year in a row and watching the Mets choke away a playoff spot, they were essentially irrelevant in the eyes of the Phillies. 

But despite moving onto bigger and better things and actually bringing home a championship,  Hamels is really doing what every Philly sports fan wants to do, reverting back to hating the trash from Queens and letting them know when they suck. 

Is there any better time to gloat than now?  The Phillies are champs and the Mets didn't make playoffs. 

Jimmy Rollins reminded us at the parade that everyone thought the Mets would win the pennant when they brought in Santana, but that it takes a team to win a championship.  Well said Jimmy.  Go sign KRod, Putz, go spend another $50 million. 

Brad Lidge was on the cover of Sports Illustrated for throwing the final strike, not Billy Wagner.  You couldn't buy a championship then and you won't now. 

Each week local sports radio station 610 WIP votes for a "winner" and "weasel" of the week.  The week of the parade, host Rhea Hughes put it best.

"When you are celebrating a World Series for the first time in 28 years and you still find a way to rip on the Mets at the parade, you are automatically winner of the week," said Hughes.

A word of advice for the Mutts fans: Don't even bother getting angry or worked up over Hamel's comment. Don't tell yourself how sweet it's going to be when you finally win the division because it's not going to happen. Don't try to muster some trash talk now that you have signed KRod. 

Just shut the hell up, go crawl back into your holes in the New York subway, and cry yourself to sleep knowing that the World Series comes through Philly next year, not your sorry asses.   


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