WWE Fantasy: SmackDown, Nov. 4

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WWE Fantasy: SmackDown, Nov. 4

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    This is the third edition of Fantasy Friday Night SmackDown by me and Kevin Berge.

    For those who are not up to date yet, check out the second episode here.

    You can also check out this week's Raw here, if you have not already.

    Remember to rate the show at the end out of 10, i.e. "8/10" as this is a competition between SmackDown (Nathan Giese and Kevin Berge) vs. Raw (Nate Scaccia and Will Owen).

    Now, on to the show.

    The intro rolls then we are treated to a recap of last week.

    Dolph Ziggler and Big Show are fighting with Dolph Ziggler pulling out a huge win with a sleeper hold. Ziggler then plans on attacking Big Show after the match only to be stopped by John Cena who knocks him out of the ring. Ziggler is shown glaring at Cena as the video transitions to the main event between Rhodes and Cena.

    The two are having a great match with Rhodes suddenly pulling out a huge Cross Rhodes. He looks to pin Cena, but Ziggler comes in and puts Cena's foot on the rope. An irate Rhodes falls into the AA and the three count. Just as Cena is beginning to celebrate, Ziggler runs in and lays him out with a steel chair then he cuts a promo.

    "I don't know if you would have lost without my help, John, but I was not going to sit by and let an opportunity like this pass me up .Let's face it, John. You are the biggest star in the WWE. No one gets to the top without dealing with you at one point or another." "I have competed for months now as a "former World Champion" yet no one gives me any respect." "You wouldn't know what that feels like though, would you? You're the poster boy. You are the main event."

    "I am no longer a cheer leader dressed in all green." A picture flashes by of Ziggler in the Spirit Squad.

    "I am not the man who has to introduce himself to everyone on the roster." A quick clip is shown of Ziggler going up to Mark Henry and Kane and offering his hand. "I am not even the same man who won the World Heavyweight Title in January." A picture flashes of Ziggler with the World Heavyweight Title.

    Ziggler then hits Cena with a huge Zig Kick and concludes holding Cena's unconscious head up to eye level with him, "My name is Dolph Ziggler, and I am the man who will finally put you down." He drops Cena to the ground.

    Dolph Ziggler stands tall over Cena. Green Day then plays.

Opening Segment

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    As fireworks flash, our commentators Matt Striker and Josh Matthews welcome us to Friday Night SmackDown. The crowd in Greensdale, SC is hot as the music for Dolph Ziggler to a chorus of boos that are louder than usual for Ziggler due to the video package before the show.

    He comes out with a smug look and a confident swagger. He grabs a mic and enters the ring.

    "You saw what I did last week to John Cena, and you lucky people are going to see it again tonight as I move one step closer to the WWE Championship. Let's face it, John Cena is good. He always has been and always will be, but I'm better."

    "Make no mistake about it, I will always be better. Regardless of past records, there is no way that John Cena will ever beat me especially not tonight. I have too much riding on this."

    John Cena's music hits to a slightly positive mixed reaction mainly for the fact that he is interrupting Ziggler. With a mic in hand, he cut his music and begins walking to the ring.

    "I get it, Dolph. You're a star on the rise, looking for a man to take out to make a statement. I've been there, but I've got to warn you. This man here is not just an obstacle. You can push as hard as you want. I will push back!"

    He enters the ring and stares Ziggler down as he continues, "This match means too much to me for me to lose..."

    Ziggler interrupts, "Too much?! Wasn't twelve a round enough number for you? What do you need this title match for? You will probably be given another shot a month from now. Me? I won't get another shot for a year at least. This is my chance. You don't need this as much as I do, so back off and lay down!"

    Cena takes the words personally and throws down his mic. He goes for a swipe at Ziggler who cockily back up as a referee runs into the ring.

    Josh Matthews: It looks like we are getting our first semifinal tournament match right now!

    Matt Striker: Yes, these two just couldn't wait. We have to take a quick commercial break, folks, but don't move a muscle because we will be right back.

Match 1: John Cena vs. Dolph Ziggler; WWE Championship Tournament Match:

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    We return to see that action has already begun.  Both men are trying to get back to their feet from a hard collision.

    A recap is shown of the action missed as Cena gets the upper hand off the bat until he goes for the running cloesline which Ziggler counters with a high dropkick sending them both down hard.

    Btoh men get to their feet and face off.  They trade punches left and right.  Cena seems to be getting the upper hand with a flurry of punches until Ziggler Kicks him in the guy and hits a boot to the skull of Cena.

    Ziggler applies a variety of holds for a few minutes to keep Cena down until Cena can get to his feet.  As he reaches a vertical base, Cena grabs Ziggler and flips him over his head into a nice spinebuster for a two count. 

    He then hits the Throwback on a dazed Ziggler and again only gets two.  As Cena gets frustrated, Ziggler rolls out of the ring and tries to reorient himself.  Cena follows quickly and get hold of Ziggler.  Cena then goes for a fisherman's suplex on the steel steps only to get reversed by Ziggler into a scoop powerslam on the cement. 

    Ziggler looks on cockily and taunts Cena, hitting a running drop kick to Cena onto the steel steps.  Ziggler grabs Cena and rolls him into the ring, but he only gets a two count.  He goes on the top rope and hits a splash for a long two count.

    As Cena continues to take punishment, we head to a commercial break. 

Cena vs. Ziggler Continued

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    We return to see that fortunes have turned for Cena as he is standing over a hurt Ziggler.  For a recap, it is shown that Cena had turned a top rope move attempt by Ziggler into a monstrous superplex and had held an advantage since.

    Cena hits a few running should blocks and sets up the five knuckle shuffle.  He hits it and gets Ziggler set for the AA.  Ziggler just barely pulls himself out and clamps on the sleeper hold to a surprised Cena.

    Cena falls to the mat under the sleeper and seems close to passing out.  The referee checks his hand twice.  Before he can check the third time though, he notices that Cena's foot has slipped under the bottom rope, forcing Ziggler to break the hold.

    With Cena obviously hurting and almost unconscious, Ziggler hits a jumping elbow drop for a long two count.  He then stalks Cena as he rises and tries to hit the Zig Zag.  Cena ducks it and catches Ziggler.  On wobbly legs, he pulls Ziggler up and manages to hit an AA.

    Cena falls on top of Ziggler for the 1,2,..and a kick out.  Cena is too tired and worn to even argue.  He carries himself to the top rope preparing for a huge leg drop, but he is too slow.

    Ziggler catches Cena on the top and hits a Zig Kick; however, Cena falls to the outside, much to Ziggler's frustration.  He listens to the ref's count and realizes that he could win by countout, but he wants the pin.  He goes out of the ring and tries to get Cena inside.

    At nine, Cena is rolled in, and Ziggler barely gets inside.  As Ziggler goes for the pin, Cena rolls him up, and the referee counts for the three.  However, Ziggler, seems to have kicked out right at three.  It is hard to tell.

    Tony Chimel: The winner of this match and moving on to the final round of the WWE Championship Tournament, John Cena.

    A distraught Ziggler cannot believe what happened.  He insists to the referee that he kicked out.  Instant replay is shown several times and the announcers cannot tel if Ziggler kicked out before or after the count.

    Ziggler storms off as Cena has trouble getting to his feet.  He is helped to the back by officials as we head to commercial. 

Cody Rhodes Promo

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    As we return to the show, Josh Matthews is recapping the events prior to the commercial break.

    Matthews: " Welcome back laides and gentlemen to what has already been an action packed night.  We just saw John Cena move on to the WWE Championship finals with a, slightly controversial, victory over Dolph Ziggler."

    Cody Rhode's music hits.

    Matthews:"And now were being joined in the ring by the man Cena beat last week to advance to the semi-finals, Cody Rhodes."

    Rhodes enters the ring and grabs a microphone.  With a scowl on his face and anger in his voice, Rhodes begins to address the audience.

    "For those of you who missed last week's show, then you missed one of the great abominations in WWE history.  I faced John Cena last week, and the winner would advance to face Dolph Ziggler tonight in the WWE Championship tournament.  Obviously, I did not win that match last week,seeing how I'm hear before you and Cena has already won his match tonight and will now be in the championship finals."

    "My issue isn't with losing the match, my issue is seeing the horrendous display put on by Cena not five minutes ago.  Cena may have technically won his match, but he did in the dirtiest way possible.  Cena way due to shotty officiating which seems to be a trend going around in the WWE now."

    "I could go on and on about why I should have won my match and how I should be in the finals instead of John Cena, but this time I'm going to focus on the positives of a horrible situation.  Now, I will get the opportunity to win the Intercontinental Championship."

    "I get to once again prove to the world why I am great.  Cena can have his title for the millionth time, fine.  As long as he wants the title he'll have it, and we all have to deal with it like I am right now."

    "When I enter that Intercontinental Championship Fatal Fourway, there will be no question as to who deserves the title.  While all you out there already know how great I am, this is my chance to prove it to the rest of the world."

    "Make no mistake about it, I WILL be the next Intercontinental Champion.  I will be the greatest Intercontinental Champion in history of the WWE, and you're all witnesses to my greatness."

    Rhodes slams the microphone and makes his way towards the stage as we head to commercial. 

Tag Team Match: Jack Swagger and Ted DiBiase vs. Zack Ryder and Santino

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    As we return to action, we see Jack Swagger making his way to the ring.  Already inside the ring, Ted DiBiase awaits Swagger.

    "Woo,woo,woo. You know it!" blasts over the speaker system as the team of Zack Ryder and Santino for tag team action.

    The bell rings as Santino and DiBiase lock horns.  Santino gets the early advantage, knocking DiBiase on his back. 

    In celebratory fashion, Santino starts to blow his own horn while Ryder tries to pump up the crowd by fist bumping. 

    The camera pans over to DiBiase, who is shown having a very angry look in his eyes.  He charges at Santino and starts to pound away at him in the corner, failing to meet the referee's five count. 

    The match ends as a result of a disqualification, but DiBiase doesn't stop.  He counts to stomp Santino in the corner.  Ryder jumps in the ring and attempts to pry Ted off of his tag buddy, but is met with a boot by Swagger. 

    Swagger and DiBiase continue the assault but are eventually pulled off of Ryder and Santino by a group of referees. 

    Rather than leave the ring, Swagger grabs a microphone.

    "Did you see that? Did you? It's no wonder why the tag team division is a joke nowadays.  It's teams like Ryder and Santino that make legitimate teams such as myself and Ted seem less credible.  We are taking a stand over mediocrity and are making our presence felt.  Air Boom, we are issuing an open challenge to you.  We have a manager coaching us up who knows the ins and outs of tag team wrestling and how to be successful.  We will introduce him to you next week.  Once we do that, if you have the stones to come and face us, then we'll see you next week.  Oh, and don't worry, you can keep your tag titles.....This time."

Christian's Cruiserweight Celebration

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    We return to the show.

    A video is shown to remind the audience about the end of the cruiserweight title battle royal.  It shows Justin Gabriel and Christian fighting until Christian takes Gabriel off the top rope to the outside for the win.

    As we return, Christian is coming to the ring with his Cruiserweight title on his shoulder.

    He smugly enters and is given a microphone to a resounding negative reaction from the crowd.

    "Last week, I didn't win the Money in the Bank briefcase, but you know what? I don't care! I am the newest Cruiserweight Champion in WWE history.  I have held almost every title in this company's history, and this is another belt to add to my long and illustrious legacy."

    "This should be great news for the WWE Universe as I will give this belt the credibility it deserves because no one will ever take this from me.  Not Zack Ryder.  Not Sin Cara Uno or Dos.  Not even the "South African Sensation" Justin Gabriel, so tonight is all about my celebration."

    Christian waves to the titantron and backstage and says, "Bring out my festivities."

    The crowd is booing for a few seconds as we wait until Christian gets agitated, "I said, bring them out!"

    Suddenly, Justin Gabriel's music hits to a decent pop from the crowd. 

    He runs out to the ring with a mic and slides into the ring as Christian backs up.

    "Don't worry, Christian.  I'm just here to congratulate you on winning the title and to remind you that being a champion is not about celebrating.  I took care of your celebration detail already and am here to tell you that you won't be celebrating for long.  I am here to stake my claim for that title."

    Christian smirks, " You don't learn, do you? I guess that bump you took from me last week as you fell to the ground in the battle royal wasn't big enough.  i am a former World Heavyweight Champion, and you are a failure.  You will never beat me.  No one will, so run along."  He shoos away Gabriel with his hands. 

    An annoyed Gabriel looks back at the crowd and smirks.  He hits a nice roundhouse kick to the skull, taking Christian down.  He goes to the top rope to a large positive reaction form the crowd, and hits the 450 splash.

    As Christian lays on the ground in pain, Gabriel goes out and interacts with the crowd as the replay of the Splash is played.  We then head to commercial break. 

Daniel Bryan vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    The action continues as Daniel Bryan, with briefcase still in his hand, making his way to the ring.  Bryan is sporting a huge smile after his big victory last week to retain his guaranteed title match. 

    Josh Matthews: "Well here comes Daniel Bryan ready for single competition.  And he seems pretty happy tonight doesn't he Matt?"

    Matt Striker: "Absolutely and why shouldn't he? He still has the briefcase."

    Matthews:"Well does you make of this whole Kurt Angle situation? I mean, really.  What is his obsession with Daniel Bryan?  Why is he even here?"

    Striker: "Trust me Josh.  All of these questions about Angle will be answered eventually and soon."

    Alberto Del Rio drives up his latest rental car and begins to make his way to the ring. 

    Once he reaches the ring, Del Rio starts pointing at the briefcase, gesturing that he got rid of his long ago. 

    The match begins and both men lock up.  It doesn't take long before Del Rio throws Bryan outside of the ring and all hell breaks lose. 

    Del Rio quickly loses his temper, still steaming from his loss to Punk a few weeks ago in the WWE Championship tournament.  Del Rio starts looking around for a weapon and spots Bryan's briefcase.

    Del Rio, being the devilish fiend that he is, grabs and case and stars to charge after Bryan.  Except, before Del Rio can hit Bryan with the case, Kurt Angle comes flying over the barricade and spears Del Rio onto the cement, knocking him out cold in the process. 

    Angle then grabs a microphone and asks Bryan to join him in the ring. 

    Angle begins, "Daniel, I know you've probably been wondering why I've been showing up to your matches the last couple of weeks.  One week I screw you out of a win, the next I help you get a win.  You're probably thinking to yourself 'What is this guys deal?'"

    "I'm going to tell you what my deal is Daniel.  Let me formally introduce myself.  I'm Kurt Angle, the greatest pure wrestler the WWE has ever seen.  Since I've been gone, there have been many who have tried to fill my shoes and all of them have failed.  Oh it's true, it's damn true."

    "Then you came along.  You started flying around the ring like a monkey but also being able to....display some of the best damn wrestling I've ever seen.  I'm going to give it to you Daniel, you have some incredible talent.  Some say that you may be the best pure wrestler in the business."

    "Let me be the first to bring you back down to earth.  You took that confidence that everyone has given you and you've taken a huge step back in your career.  You're a former United States Champion and you hold that Money in the Bank briefcase.  When I was around, we never got that guaranteed title match, we had to earn it.  Once you won that thing, you started slacking.  You're on a huge losing streak and you wanna know why that is? It's because your starting to believe in your own hype."

    "Yes, I may be one of the most arrogant bastards you'll ever meet when it comes to wrestling, but the fact of the matter is, whenever somebody told me I was great, I worked by butt off to prove them right.  I didn't take that compliment and hold on to it forever like you are right now.  I'm sick of seeing somebody as great as you throwing away everything you've worked years for."

    "From this day on, consider me your whipping stick.  I will gladly kick your ass if you start falling out of line again.  Now, for your first task to prove to me that you haven't been slacking, face me next week, right here in the middle of this ring.  What do you say?"

    Bryan snatches the mic from Angle's hands and simply says two words, "You're on."

Main Event: CM Punk vs. The Miz; WWE Championship Tournament Match

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    As we return to the program, we are shown a video montage of the attacks on the divas the last two weeks

    Josh Matthews stars in: "Folks, you may notice we don't have any divas action scheduled for you tonight.  The reason for that is all of the healthy divas are scared that they may be the next target of the mystery being torturing the divas. Luckily for us, next week, Natalya and Gail Kim will be back from their brutal beat last week in hopes to find the culprit. Tune in next week to see if those two can find a way to solve their issues."

    We return to ringside as CM Punks music begins blaring throughout the arena. 

    He enters to a monster pop and grabs a mic as he enters the ring.

    "Don't worry, I'm not here to preach or cut an audience member's hair as I did last time I was here though I wouldn't mind it if it brought up a great star like Serena again. I just want to get something off my chest about this match before it begins. The Miz and Michael Cole have this whole plan in mind for the WWE Championship."

    "They scheme together and think that they will soon be working to rule SmackDown. I have a newsflash for both of them. The Era of CM Punk is coming, and they might just want to stay out of my way."

    He drops the mic as The Miz enters the arena. The crowd is absolutely booing him out of the arena as he walks down the ramp smugly mocking audience members.

    The Miz enters the ring as Punk drops the mic, and the bell rings before The Miz has the chance to grab the mic and speak.

    They go right at each other. Punk quickly gets the upper hand with a variety of strong kicks. As The Miz is reeling, Punk pulls out some powerful moves including a bulldog and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He then grounds The Miz and snaps on a Koji clutch.

    The Miz is writhing in pain as he tries desperately to get to any of the ropes. The pressure continues for several minutes as Punk transitions between submission holds. Finally, The Miz gets to the ropes. As

    The Miz stands up, Punk goes for a roundhouse kick only for Miz to duck and grab Punk's leg.
    Miz then crotches Punk on the top rope. As Punk sits in pain, Miz hits a big boot sending Punk to the outside as we go to commercial break.

    When we return, The Miz has firm control with a headlock. He continues the pressure on a downed Punk for about four minutes with rest holds and some shots including a Snap DDT and neckbreaker.

    Punk seems to be in serious trouble with the match wearing on him. Punk tries to fight back with some elbow strikes only to get downed again with a powerful snapmare driver.

    As Punk again struggles to find his footing, The Miz grabs Punk and hits the Skull Crushing Finale.

    As Miz goes to pin Punk, the crowd boos incessantly. The count is 1, 2, ...kick out. The match continues much to the chagrin of The Miz.

    As Miz rages about the situation, we go to commercial break.

Punk vs. Miz: Part 2

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    Punk hits a flurry of kicks and elbows followed by a snap scoop powerbomb. He follows it up with a falcon arrow and then sets up for and hits his springboard clothesline. He then goes to the top rope and manages to connect with a diving elbow, but he only finds a two count.

    The Miz feels that he is in trouble as he begins to recover and rolls out of the ring. The referee tells him to get back in only for Punk to come barreling out at Miz with a suicide dive into the barricade. Both men are down and out managing to get back in after a count of eight.

    Punk gets the upper hand as they return to the ring. Punk hits an enzuigiri for a two count and calls for the GTS. A dazed Miz falls right into the move, and Punk connects.

    The referee, obviously tired from the long match, counts a slow two count where Miz barely gets his shoulder up before three. Punk is obviously frustrated and complains to the referee. As he does, Miz blind sides him with a boot then hits the Reality Check for a long two count.

    The Miz is tired and shows serious weariness as Punk attempts to rise. Miz taunts and grabs Punk for another Skull Crushing Finale. This time, Punk counters it into a neckbreaker and calls for the GTS.

    Michael Cole can be seen running down to the ring. As Punk grabs The Miz, he hesitates. He sees Cole get on the apron and decides that it doesn't affect him. He tries to hit the GTS, but he took too long, and Miz turns the momentum around with a counter into an inverted swinging neckbreaker. The referee takes a few too many seconds with Cole, and he only counts two. Cole is on the outside now, fuming that the match is not over.

    As Punk is getting up using the turnbuckle for support, The Miz sets up for his swinging corner clothesline. He runs at Punk only to get caught as he jumps when Punk dodges. Punk hits a high knee and then a running bulldog on Miz as he gets up. Punk then tries to lift up Miz only for Miz to hit an uppercut. The Miz tries to set up the Skull Crushing Finale only to caught for the GTS. The crowd goes crazy as the referee counts 1, 2, ...3.

    Tony Chimel: The winner of this match and advancing to the final match of the WWE Championship Tournament, CM Punk.

    Michael Cole is livid as Punk celebrates. Cole runs over and grabs a mic.

    "Punk! Punk! I thought you should know that the final round of the tournament will not be next week. With a match this prestigious, we will be crowning our winner at Survivor Series. Next week though, you will team up with your opponent at Survivor Series, John Cena, to face The Miz and Dolph Ziggler. I trust you will be ready."

    He drops the mic, and Punk smiles to himself. He looks confident as the show looks ready to end.

    Suddenly, the lights go out, and the titantron shows a graveyard. The entire yard is empty. Suddenly, a man appears in the background and begins walking toward the camera.

    As he nears, he crosses his arms in the way that Punk would with his sleeves on. His arms near the camera, and sleeves are visible on his arms. They are not the white and black sleeves that Punk sometimes wears but a black pair with red X's on the sleeves.

    The lights turn back on as the screen turns black. The entire arena is dead silent as the camera pans to Punk who has no idea what to make of the events. The camera centers on Punk as the show ends.

That's All Folks

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    And that's our show for the week folks.

    Be sure to rate our show on a scale of 1-10 (1 being horrible, 10 being amazingly awesome).

    Tune in next week to possibly find out who is behind the attacks on the divas and for Daniel Bryan's encounter inside the ring with Kurt Angle.  Plus, much much more.

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