Best Part of Going to Chiefs Games Today

Josh KnoxCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

With the Chiefs being in position for a top five draft pick, what is the best part of coming to the games now?

For me, I love watching the football, but it comes down to two things for me:


 Who doesn’t love tailgating? And if you don’t, you must have never been to a Chiefs game at Arrowhead. I have been to some other stadiums around the country and even with the Chiefs being down right now, I have not seen fans that do this better at any other stadium.

Tailgating is all about the party and even when the season isn’t going great, there is still a party atmosphere before the game in the parking lot. Hanging with friends, eating great BBQ, and drinking ice cold drinks…few things are better than that.

The little things

 This includes watching the progress of the young players, if we will get a sack today, seeing which fans in your section will continue to come to the games, and if Herm Edwards will make what I think are the right decisions (as far as game management goes).

It has been fun this year watching (some definitely more than others) the young players develop. Brandon Flowers is a gamer, it looks like we could have our LT of the future in Branden “Phat” Albert, and Thiggy is looking like he could be a legitimate QB for this team for years to come.

As far as fans in my section goes there are a core group of us that haven’t missed a game…and our boy “Neck Meat” has only missed one game (that’s your boy Brick). Hey, you got to have someone to high five when the Chiefs actually do make a play.

So, besides the fact that I will always be a loyal Chiefs fan, that is what gets me excited to come to the games still.

What keeps you guys coming to the game?  Or what would make you come if you aren’t already?

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Best part of going to Chiefs games now?