SEC: The Suspect Elitist Conference (What a Shame)

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2008

The Bottom Line as an SEC fan and a die-hard Auburn fan is...the SEC is horrible this year across the board.  The list of explanations follows.

The following three teams are usually an SEC contender


These teams underachieved

South Carolina—Average.
UGA—Failure to utilize overall talent level.

These teams overachieved

Ole Miss—Shocker.
Alabama—A fool would think they duplicate this type of season in 2009.

These teams always Stink

Kentucky—They don't even compete in hoops anymore.
Mississippi State—Garbage.

This Team Never Stinks

Florida—Emmitt Smith was at the beginning of this program's rise.

The truth hurts, and it may continue to hurt even more.  Pending the hire of Auburn's new coach, it's hard to fathom the new head coach will be a step up from Tommy Tuberville. 

Lane Kiffin must have the best interview skills in modern football because he was hired as the Raiders coach with no head coahing experience experience, and now he is the coach at University of Tennessee!?!

As far as I am concerned, and probably most other fans of the SEC are as well, with UT and Auburn having losing seasons while LSU stumbled through mediocrity, this subject had to be addressed that the SEC was totally overrated. 

I always defend my favorite conference and usually no one has a legitimate gripe as the top conference year in and year out. But this year the SEC was so boring and hard to watch it was pathetic. 

I can't believe I am about to say this, but the Big 12 and maybe even the Pac-10 are better than the SEC this year.  Now that hurts.

Lisa Horne spelled it out in her most recent article. Quarterback play in the SEC in particular was atrocious this year, and I am not even going to touch that subject.

Alabama returned from the dead in emphatic fashion as the only legitimate contender against the perennial powerhouse Gators. While no one else put up a fight for conference supremacy.  It was painful to watch as traditionally rich rivalry games turned into blowouts (i.e. Alabama 36, Auburn 0).

Roll call was conducted this year in the SEC, and practically no one answered the call.  I am sure it went like this.

Tennessee—silence ensued.

Auburn—silence ensued.

LSU—a whimper was heard.

Georgia—a loud bark was heard, but that’s it.

And what is sad is Ole Miss and Vanderbilt sounded off with a loud and boisterous “ALL PRESENT” when called upon.  There is something so fundamentally wrong with the fact that this conference in whole fell from grace all together.

Not taking away from the great season that the Crimson Tide and Gators had, because it was a magical run at one time during this season. But reality reared its ugly head.  The SEC looked like the Big 12 did in the recent years: a two-pony show with nobody else willing to put up a fight.