Athletic Director Jay Jacobs, Auburn Can Redeem Themselves With One Hire

Ben CulpepperContributor IDecember 12, 2008

The Auburn University Athletics Department released the resignation letter supposedly written by former head coach Tommy Tuberville.  In the letter, Tuberville wrote:

"This letter will confirm our recent conversations about my status as Head Football Coach. After long consideration, I have decided to resign. I understand that, notwithstanding my resignation, the University will make a total payment of $5,083,334 as outlined in Section 21 of my contract."

I assume Jay Jacobs and his public relation crew released this letter in response to criticism and allegations that Tommy Tuberville's resignation was far from voluntary.  These allegations arise from the simple fact that Auburn did not have to pay a dime to Coach Tuberville if he resigned.

In his press conference detailing the resignation of Tuberville, Jacobs explained that he and Auburn President Jay Gogue felt "it was the right thing to do (pay Tommy his buyout)."  He went on to say that Tommy was a "member of the Auburn Family" and the embattled coach would continue to assist the university in some capacity. 

Who are these guys trying to fool?  Who gives away five million dollars to an outgoing employee in the midst of a recession because that employee was a nice guy? 

Isn't this the same contract that Jacobs and Co. were reluctant to approve because of the massive six million dollar buyout? 

How does one go from fighting tooth and nail to prevent such a buyout in a contract to honoring that buyout out of the goodness of one's heart?

The media has been gagging over the rancid stench (a.k.a. Tuberville resignation story) radiating from the Plains from day one.  If you break down this story on an elementary school level, you may understand the nausea.

Here are the choices the powers-that-be in Auburn had regarding the resignation of Tommy Tuberville (this is assuming that all statements released from Lee County are true):

Ignore the legal contract and pay Tuberville 5.1 million dollars that he is not entitled to simply because he is one helluva guy; or

Follow the terms of the contract, which states that Auburn is under no obligation to pay Tommy's buyout if he resigns, and keep the five million dollars to use for the hiring of a new coach.

This is an easy decision right?  Wrong.  It seems the Auburn Family is in the business of investing large sums of money into severed relationship funds that will have no beneficial return whatsoever to the future of the Athletic program. 

Jay Jacob's Postseason Checklist:

1.  Fire Tuberville—Check, YES!

2.  2a. Convince everyone that Tuberville resigned—work in progress

    2b.  Put gag order on Olivia Tuberville—calling Lowder

3.  3a. Hire Proven Head Coach Spurrier, Petrino, B. Davis, Johnson—damn

     3b. Hire Hot Up-and-Comer Muschamp, Gill, Hoke, Fisher, Dooley—damn

     3c. Hire someone—getting close

4.  Pay too much for new head coach that doesn't satisfy anyone in the Family—likely

5.  Look for new job—UAB maybe?

In spite of Auburn's joke of a dismissal of the tenured Tommy Tuberville, Auburn has a possibility to make things peachy again on the plains.


Hire Nick Saban.


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