Miami Dolphins: 0 & 16 Simply Not Happening

Kevin RyanContributor IIINovember 3, 2011

We need a post-game smile on Sunday
We need a post-game smile on SundayChris McGrath/Getty Images

That's right, I said it. You heard it here first, save it, clip it, post it. Scream it out the window at the top of your lungs, but the Phins are very close. Perhaps this is the week. Perhaps next, but very soon, I firmly believe that Miami will get its first victory. After that, well, after that we'll just wait and see.

I would imagine there's someone out there who will sarcastically say I'm really going out on a limb with the season just approaching the halfway point. Well listen, I've heard it bantered about more than once, this 0 & 16 nonsense, enough that I wanted to reply.

I offer you today an exceptional voice in the literal sense. My "voice" or the theme of my article is an exception to the typical Dolphin evaluation you will read nowadays, because it's positive. I have tried, under obvious adversity, to create an affirmative outlook for my team. This you could find in my latest articles: Did Miami Dolphins Lose Game vs. Cleveland Browns Due to Horrendous Non-Call? and also Miami Dolphins: Bad Record, Good Team.

My last article, Miami Dolphins: No Fear, No Loss, examines the root cause of losing mentality and how the team might fix their mindset, but I feel somewhat lonely up here on my soap box these days with no replies to that article, I am forced to wonder if a winning mentality is lost on today's Dolphins fan. Somehow, someway, I hope this changes. This particular article I write now, as one might see by the title, is no different. It is not deliberate and blind optimism. Just my own belief of the team, and the seeds of hope during a dismal fall.

Diatribes about how one's favorite team "should have" won are a dime a dozen, but allow me the sanity of complaining about the absurd Pushing Off penalty against Brandon Marshall in the Giants game to couple with my post about the Cleveland game. [Yeah, that one! You saw it!] Would the Giants still have won without the help? Possibly, their defensive line came up huge in the final minutes. Meanwhile our two-minute offense and defense keep failing.

But this team just simply isn't this bad: When healthy, they boast two strong runners and two big building blocks on the OL. And although the receivers have not overwhelmed as of late, I could still see our top three having a better second half. Matt Moore is still a big question mark. I believe he needs to spread the ball around quite a bit more. One can only hope that the scrappy player continues to improve the way he did on several plays against NY this past Sunday. On defense, the secondary needs plenty of work, but they are improving. If we could have Sean Smith and Vontae Davis healthy on the same day this would help out even more, and could the front seven begin to match their preseason expectation?

The antithesis of the Dolphin team, and where they are at now, would be a 7 & 0 team winning close games by the skin of their teeth several times over. They are not really considered a serious threat to go undefeated like recent Colt teams and The Patriots from the 18 & 1 season, who were both dominating.

So I am saying there is a little too much talent for this win-less scenario to take place. Perhaps it all ends this week, lest I start to stumble on my soap box....