Romanian Football Video: Watch Fan Punch Player and Stadium Turn into War Zone

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There was an insane scene during a Romanian football match between Steaua Bucharest and Petrolul Ploiesti yesterday.

A man, who the Daily Mail identified as Dragos Petrut Enache, stormed onto the pitch during a stoppage for a penalty and ran directly at Steaua Bucharest defender George Galamaz.

He viciously hit him in the side of the face and Galamaz crumpled to the ground with what would later be called a broken cheekbone and hearing damage.

Enache, who was allegedly high on some sort of illegal substance, stormed towards the rest of the Bucharest players and the players responded by attacking him in retaliation for what he did to their defender.

He was knocked to the ground and kicked at by players before security could break the madness up.

Two players were sent off for their actions and that sparked even more hostility from fans.

FLARES were now being rained onto the pitch by fans in the stadium and one struck Steaua Bucharest backup goalkeeper, Ciprian Tatarusanu.

He was down on the ground receiving burn treatment for at least twenty minutes when the officials finally decided to call the match.

I think this could have been handled much better by the referees, who certainly did not need to send two players off with red cards for defending their teammate from a crazed, drugged-up fan.

By sending them off, it enraged the other fans who started attacking more players with fireworks and flares. This was an extremely dangerous game and they should have called it as soon as the first projectile was launched.

The Romanian football association needs to get their act together and better train these referees to handle situations like the one we saw yesterday. 

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