It's The Economy Stupid or Margarito-Mosley, and Your 50 Dollars

Joe NixonCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

There have been wild accusations floating around the world of boxing the past few days that that Margarito - Mosley was getting moved to LA because of Mosley was going to be denied a license by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Thus the promoters opted  to move the fight.

The truth is quiet contrary to these rumors, it’s the economy stupid! LA is a better fit for these two fighters given their histories, the reluctance of fight fans perhaps to travel during these economic times, and the fact that the January 24th fight takes place one weekend before Las Vegas's busiest weekend of the year: the Super Bowl.

Indeed, Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive, Keith Kiezer, has said that while he would like to confront Mosley about recent Balco claims, he didn’t believe Mosley had taken any prohibited substance under the World Anti Doping Agency guidelines.

A Mosley fight in Los Angeles times just makes more sense. Mosley is from Pomona, CA and his last two fights in California have been sensational. In May, he pulled off a last minute 12th round KO of Ricardo Mayorga.

In 2000, Sugar Shane Mosely's career defining fight came in a hard fought 12-round split decision over Oscar De La Hoya in the then new Staples Center in front of a packed house of fight fans and Hollywood celebrities.

Margarito is also something of a local product as well. Hailing from nearby Tijuana, he is a one of the few Angelinos who can be counted on to appear at most local fight cards.

His fight against 2007 fight against Paul Williams drew 8,000 people to Home Depot. So a sellout would normally be expected between these two greats.

However, these are hard economic times and the promoters need to realize that by giving LA's working class fight fans working class prices. This is fight is over priced with the cheapest seats being $50.

Fifty dollars for a seat so high up in the rafters of Staples Center that it offers a view of the ring obstructed by some Los Angeles Lakers Championship Banner will not sell well.

Fifty dollars for 37 year old Sugar Shane Mosley, who has ditched his father for this fight and will be training with Nazim Richardson, Bernard Hopkins trainer for this fight. Feels like the holidays doesn't it?

Really, you’re charging $50? Maybe before Federal Reserve Chairman Bernake decided to flush the dollar down the toilet, or maybe before the Bear Stearns, the Sub-prime mortgage crisis, or before both parties in Congress approved a 700 billion dollars for all the Bear Stearns, AIG, sublime subprime numbers mortgage rate mishap, the Detriot Three (which should probably become the Detroit Two) and so many other things economic which somehow resulted in the U.S taxpayers being part owners of Manchester United.

Still, if you do decide to drive to go to the fight at Staples Center this January 24th (and why not drive since dropping gas prices are the one good thing about this economy), you can still expect to pay around 20 bucks for parking and then 50-300 dollars for your ticket.

But don't buy just one; buy enough tickets to fill an SUV with fight fans and the promoters have promised a glove autographed by both fighters. This thoughtful gift comes from the promoters to any fan who purchases a thousand dollars worth of tickets.

Maybe you can sell it on eBay to pay the rent.