Memo To Ohio State and Fans: Be Thankful For The Pepole at The Fiesta Bowl

Greg CookseyCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

Okay, Buckeye fans, we need to have a talk. A heart to heart if you will. I am not here to play negative Nelly on Ohio State's selection to the Fiesta Bowl because I am a huge Buckeye fan myself, however, I am also not the one to wear scarlet color blinders ether!

I am just as excited about the opportunity to be able to watch the Buckeyes take on the Texas Longhorns on January 5, and I was also not wanting to go to the Capital One bowl and play an SEC team. Been there done that, too many times as a matter of fact.

Before our excitement turns into a case of myopia and we start running our mouths at all ready fired up Texas fans let's be frank with each other about out team shall we? First of all, I would like to thank the people at the Fiesta Bowl for bailing us out because that is exactly what they did.

They could have easily taken Boise State who put on a great show against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl two years, or they also could have gone with another popular pick that much of America wanted to see with a re-match of Texas and Texas Tech.

If they would have chosen one of those two teams to participate who could have blamed them? After all, Texas Tech had a big win vs Texas and another quality win over Oklahoma State (who also finished higher in the rankings then the Buckeyes) Boise State finished the season undefeated for crying out loud!

Instead they decided to go with what for them was the safest play. A team that they where a little more familiar with, a team that three previous times out of the last five seasons has played in their bowl game and done quite well. A team that they knew for sure they could make mad money, because they would bring fans and alumni that would pay unruly amounts of money to come see there team play. Let's see who could that be? Oh yea, the Ohio State Buckeyes!

So with that in mind look out Glendale Arizona because Jim Tressel and the Ohio State Buckeyes are on their way back you town! This time thier just may not be that  much to see though!

This year has not exactly been what Buckeye fans have come to now as being typical of this team, and this team is not playing the type of football it has been typically known to play.  In fact it has been pretty uninspired most of the year. The offense has been a big detriment to this team whereas in years past it has been their rock so to say. 

They have difficulty running the ball at times because Dan Heron and Brandon Saine are not exactly extracting the type of fear into opponents hearts the Buckeyes thought they would while they were trying to recruit them. 

The Buckeyes also have trouble moving the ball down field sometimes because Terrell Pryor still just does not have the ability that Troy Smith did to throw the ball down  field yet, and when he does  the wide receiver are not catching the ball and making plays like they have in the past. Of course it may have bee n different if the offensive line was not playing like garbage or banged up

The Buckeyes defense has actually played very well the last month, but t can only do so much because of the above mentioned reasons. It is hard for a defense to be succesfully when your offense can not compliment it and do it's part by putting points on the board.

Hey Jimmy T as Buckeye fans call you let me give you some advice. You better plan prepare, and do whatever it takes to win this game. If you have to spend endless day's and sleepless nights to put together a winning strategy or a game plan that will not totally embarrass this team or it's fans like it has been the last couple season in the BCS NC game then I suggest that is exactly what you do. I guarantee you that is what Mac Brown and his staff are doing right now.

Could this game be intresting at all? Sure both teams have reasons to have a chip on thier shoulder. Texas is boiling mad about being left out of both the big 12 and National Championship picture and are looking to take it out on someone.

Ohio State was mercifully given another chance to prove it can play with the big boys and try to make a season gone bad up to the seniors who came back with aspirations of winning a national title. That won't happen but they been given an opportunity to have a very big win on a stage in which they have been humiliated in the past two seasons. Nether the Ohio State Fans or national media will accept   failure again.

Ohio State has everything on the line for them in this game. If they win the pepole at the Fiesta Bowl look like genius for bailing the Buckeyes out, if they lose I don not want to think about what will happen next. Fans let's hope for the best but not be surprised if we see the worse.