Nostradamus and the 2009 New York Baseball Season

Jason BurkeCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

Finding a way to pass time until spring training has proved tougher than originally expected. Being a Mets fan, I should have no trouble watching the Jets collapse and the Knicks be terrible, but I do. So in an effort to pass the time, the History Channel has provided a useful and informative outlet.

I have found myself drawn to programs about mysterious clairvoyants such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and a man who uses mathematical calculations to predict doomsday scenarios have him dubbed The Next Nostradamus. In watching, I found Nostradamus and the average sports fan had little difference.

Minus the prophetic verses, Nostradamus and the common sports fan have much more in common than most would assume. Both believe they can see the future with stunning accuracy. Both have a relatively bleak view of things to come—cataclysms, destruction, and financial ruin almost always loom in this future.

Both believe if their words had been heeded, all doomsday scenarios would have been avoided, and an era of prosperity would prevail. And in the end, they’re both very passionate in what they believe.

I decided to put Nostradamus’ methods to the ultimate test and look toward the 2009 New York baseball season ahead. I went in to my basement threw on my cloak, waved my wand, and looked into my cauldron. The visions and verses recorded were startling, to say the least.


Two new fields of the city will rise

The lesser of two will wear blue

Its reign will be short as it tries

In the middle to save all the ones it blew.

Amazing! Could my prophetic notion be that the team that wears blue are my beloved Mets? As scholars and pundits will come to see, even after landing K-Rod (a previous vision that has come to pass) the Mets are still left with a gaping hole in “middle” relief and, although, the J.J. Putz trade is a significant upgrade, only time will tell if the rest of the bullpen will hold up. 

Then I decided to focus on the Yankees and found myself even more frightened.


In black stripes they march toward a bloody war with the red sun.

Hurlers abundant will take the gold bestowed by none.

But the empire will fall hard when it is realized by some

That they paid for two Pavanos instead of one.

Well, as the history channel explains, Nostradamus would often mesh phrases, words, or objects together in symbolism. Could the red sun be the Red Sox and Rays?  Furthermore, we already know that they Yankees have locked CC up for the next seven years in order to have an ace at the front end. 

Now the Yankees are turning to the likes of A.J. Burnett and Ben Sheets. Will all this money prove to be another blunder to the likes of Carl Pavano. The last line seems to point to two pitchers breaking down. Are we sure that the big lefty will hold up and how about Joba?  Scary.

Last, I asked if the Mets or Yankees will find themselves in a position to win it all.


The new city will shake and tremble until October

Then the drought will continue for the two brothers

Another cold winter will begin

When Hemmingway’s fish is crowned again.

Wow! It’s obvious by this quatrain points to some baseball being played late in the season. Maybe even deep into the playoffs from MLB’s two teams with the highest payroll. In the end it seems that Hemmingway’s fish, The Marlins, a team with the lowest payroll in baseball will defiantly win it all again.

Of course, every prophet will tell you that the future is not certain. In every baseball season, one play, player, or just plain luck can make all the difference. So we will give our opinions and say I told you so when the moment is played out. 

However, in matters of what shall come to pass I am always reminded of a fictional prophet of sorts who perfectly explains, “difficult to see. Always in motion the future is.”