Eric Berry Doesn't Win Thorpe Award? Can You Say...Cheated!

Dusty FloydCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

On Thursday night Malcolm Jenkins won the Jim Thorpe Award, which is given to the best defensive back in the nation—wait...that doesn't make sense.

Wasn't it Eric Berry that had seven interceptions while returning them for 265 yards, and didn't Malcolm Jenkins only have three interceptions that he returned for a mere seven yards?

Okay, so Malcolm Jenkins is supposedly such a great cover corner with all of nine pass breakups. Nine! Oh my gosh! Eric Berry almost had that many interceptions! An interception actually changes possession—it doesn't just force an incomplete pass.

I guess somebody might want to teach the voters some kind of football knowledge. All you have to do is watch one Tennessee football game, and you'll be able to see the impact Eric Berry has on each and every game.

To begin with, Berry has led the Tennessee defense to the fourth-best defense in college football. While doing that, he had to help out Tennessee's struggling offense and averaged over five yards per carry.

You don't see Jenkins playing both ways, do you? All right, he may have had a couple big plays on special teams, but there isn't a game where Eric Berry doesn't have a big hit, interception, fumble forced, and/or fumble recovered.

Eric Berry is also one of the hardest hitters in the nation. Just ask Knowshon Moreno, as Berry lit him up during Tennessee's game against Georgia and put him on the bench for a while, seeing stars.

By now I guess you've noticed that I sound pretty mad, and that's because I am. Eric Berry has been all that Tennessee football fans such as myself have had to be happy about all year, and I don't enjoy seeing him being cheated to some guy who isn't nearly as talented as the best defensive back in the nation, Eric Berry.

I hope that the voters will regret their decision after they watch Colt McCoy's offense pass all over the Buckeyes in the Fiesta Bowl.

Good luck Malcolm—you'll need it.