Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio and My 5 Least Favorite WWE Wrestlers Right Now

AJ Krow@Krowbar44Contributor IINovember 1, 2011

Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio and My 5 Least Favorite WWE Wrestlers Right Now

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    As a devout professional wrestling fan, it pains me to see how little talent there is in the business right now. It seems that ever since The Rock and Stone Cold left, the talent pool has become increasingly bland and underwhelming. The more I tune in to Raw and Smackdown, the more frustrated I get with the direction of the writing and who they choose to push.

    I thought the writers had figured out their most talented wrestler was CM Punk—charismatically and technically speaking—when they began their "worked shoot" angle, but soon I realized they had no goal in mind for where they wanted it to go and it soon fizzled out and became a slow-moving, awkward storyline.

    Before you read my rankings, let me explain my definition of hate for the purpose of this list:

    I hate wrestlers who have no personality, charisma or ability and are still pushed as stars. I know it's not their fault in some cases, but nonetheless it is the job of a wrestler to invoke emotions from the fans. I also hate wrestlers that are supposed to be heels but clearly don't know how to be one. I don't hate heels because they are heels, I hate when they don't do it right.   

    So with that said, here are my five least favorite wrestlers right now: 

5. David Otunga

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    Words can not express how incredibly boring this guy is. 

    The former Harvard Law student has a decent back-story—actually did go to Harvard and really is married to Jennifer Hudson—but when this guy steps into the ring, he provides nothing that invokes any emotion. He is about as bland as it gets. He's got the build and athleticism to be something special, but like so many others before him, he lacks the appeal of a superstar.

    Also, pretty much everyone from the Nexus is annoying, so he's guilty by association.

4. Alberto Del Rio

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    Two-time WWE Champion. Royal Rumble winner. Money in the Bank winner. 


    The character has so much potential to be great and Del Rio falls so short in accomplishing what he could. He's decently skilled in the ring for his size, but he really doesn't have near the charisma that his character should. The character is a cross between Razor Ramon—without the edge—and Ted DiBiase, yet Alberto doesn't pull it off. If you put him back in the late '90s or early 2000s he would have been nothing more than a novelty jobber in my opinion.

3. Mark Henry

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    I can't in good conscience accept Mark Henry, as mediocre and generally boring as he has been, as the World Heavyweight champion.

    This isn't necessarily Mark Henry's fault since I hate him because of how the WWE has used him over the course of his career. He has always been billed as "The World's Strongest Man" which I was always fine with, but the sudden change of character to this angry, unstoppable force was just not something I could believe in. I now can't stand him as a wrestler.

    Fans don't just forget a character's history, and for that reason I hate everything Mark Henry does.  

2. Vickie Guerrero

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    I don't think there's a single person on the planet who likes Vickie Guerrero. 

    While I do feel bad for her losing her husband—fan favorite Eddie Guerrero—I have put that emotion aside and developed an incredible disdain for Vickie. She's like a cross between Luna Vachon and Stephanie McMahon, but only if you take all the annoying, bad qualities of both and put them into an unattractive, soft, pudgy body.  

    She brings nothing to the show and I really, really wish she would go away.

1. Cody Rhodes

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    I can't believe this guy is the Intercontinental champion. Rhodes is supposed to be a major heel and he is instead just really annoying—CM Punk is annoying and I love him. The paper bags he hands out is actually a pretty good heel move, but even that can't make up for how dreadfully awful this guy is. He's terrible on the microphone, and that has nothing to do with his comical lisp. 

    I don't hate him because he is a heel, as I have always aligned myself with the bad guys of wrestling, he just shouldn't be the IC champ. He doesn't have the build, look, marketability or anything else that is common amongst major stars. 

    Rhodes is brutal to watch and I'm amazed that someone so bland and terrible could come from the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.