Can Aaron Rodgers Lead Green Bay Packers to Repeat Super Bowl?

J FCorrespondent INovember 1, 2011

Can Aaron Rodgers Lead Green Bay Packers to Repeat Super Bowl?

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    By now, everyone knows the story about how Aaron Rodgers went from zero to hero, or from junior college to Super Bowl MVP. However, the star quarterback looks like he's only getting started.

    Rodgers is the main reason why there is dynasty talk in Green Bay, but can he lead the Pack to a repeat Super Bowl this season?

He's Focused

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    With one Super Bowl ring already under his championship belt, Aaron Rodgers is clearly hungry for more. He isn't satisfied with what he's already achieved in such a short time and he's determined to bring Titletown another title.

    It's obvious that his focus can't be shaken and his mindset permeates through the locker room. The Packers themselves aren't even talking about the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl.

    They are taking one game at a time and winning them all.

He's Still Hot

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    Even after leading the Pack to 13 straight wins, Rodgers hasn't slowed up a bit. In fact, he's gotten even better.

    Week after week his passer rating remains well over 100 and he's first in the league in touchdowns and completion percentage.

    It's hard to imagine the Packers losing a game when their quarterback is playing so well. Those waiting for Rodgers to have a letdown game may still be waiting when he hoists another Lombardi Trophy.

He Can't Do It Alone

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    No matter how flawless Rodgers appears to be or how deeply he can dominate a game, he still is just one man. Some cheeseheads would like to think he is a god, but that notion is absolutely false.

    Every leader requires a strong supporting cast to accomplish anything great.

    Adrian Peterson may be the best running back in the league and Jared Allen leads the league in sacks, but the Vikings are still at the bottom of the NFC North.

    The point is, Rodgers needs the entire the team to play somewhere near his level if Green Bay is to go all the way.

    The good news is that, for the most part, it has. He has more weapons than a gun show and the defense is playing well enough to get by.

But They Can't Do It Without Him

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    Take Aaron Rodgers out of the picture and the Packers can pretty much throw away any hopes for a repeat. It takes an elite quarterback to win the Super Bowl in this era of the NFL and as much as I like Matt Flynn, he isn't even close.

    Rodgers is smart, athletic and there isn't a throw he can't make. He makes everyone around him better and the offense runs directly through him.

    If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say the Packers would be lucky to 4-3 with Flynn at quarterback this season.

Can He Stay Healthy?

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    The reality is that none of the other factors matter if Rodgers isn't on the field. He certainly won't be able to lead the Packers to the Super Bowl from the sideline.

    After suffering two concussions in 2010, Rodgers has been trauma-free thus far in 2011 and the offensive line has held up well enough despite several injuries.

    He's even getting more calls after receiving late hits or taking violent shots from pass-rushers. It's fair to say that A-Rod is now the NFL's golden boy and it looks like the refs have switched to his side.

    Of course, anything can happen with over half the season yet to play, but Rodgers is as healthy as ever and it appears only an injury can keep him from taking the Pack back to the big game.