NHL Trade News: 3 Reasons the Kings Should Trade Jonathan Bernier

Gary LlewellinCorrespondent INovember 1, 2011

NHL Trade News: 3 Reasons the Kings Should Trade Jonathan Bernier

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    Drafted No. 11 overall in 2006, Jonathan Bernier remains a top goal-tending prospect for the Los Angeles Kings.

    He has helped the Canadian World Junior team to a Gold Medal and has a .927 percent along with 14 shutouts in his minor league career.

    Despite all that, it’s time the Kings traded him.

    Let’s examine three reasons why they should do so.

He Won’t Get a Chance in LA

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    Having already netted three shutouts on the year, Jonathan Quick has picked up where he left off last season, continuing to play at an elite level.

    He’s a proven goaltender, and one that’s only 25 years old. It’s hard to imagine LA management will let go of such a talent for the potentially solid, but unproven Bernier.

    Quick will likely remain a King for the foreseeable future, and keeping Bernier on as a backup would be a waste of his talents.

His Trade Value

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    Young goalies ready to break out and become a star don’t come around all that often.

    Bernier would garner plenty of interest on the trading block. Teams like Tampa Bay, New Jersey and possibly even Columbus would show interest in the young man from Quebec.

    Bernier is GM Dean Lombardi’s biggest bargaining chip, should he want to add a piece or two to the team for the playoff run. Trading Bernier before this year’s deadline to add immediate help would only benefit the Kings, as losing Bernier does not hurt them in the short term.

They Risk Losing Him for Nothing

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    If the Kings straddle Bernier along as Quick’s backup until he reaches unrestricted free agency, he will bolt and the Kings will lose him for nothing.

    He would probably not even make it that far before he demands to be shipped out of town. When rival GMs find out a player wants to leave, they never offer equal value in a trade.

    Since Quick is not giving Bernier much of a chance, Lombardi should do what’s best for everyone, and give Bernier a fresh start and a chance to shine somewhere else.