Tim "Superman" Tebow Favorite to Repeat as Heisman Trophy Winner

Dusty FloydCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

Tim Tebow has had a great season on and off the field this year, and he is my pick to win the Heisman this year.

People could make the argument about how Tebow doesn't have anywhere near the passing yards that Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy have, but half of Tebow's opponents have had defenses ranked in the top 25 in the nation.

You can't say the same thing for the Big 12 duo at all, as McCoy has faced 11 defenses ranked lower than 70 and Bradford has faced eight.

Tebow has showed a lot of leadership this year, especially after Florida's loss to Ole Miss. After the loss, Tebow gave the media an inspired speech saying that there wouldn't be another player that would play as hard as he would the rest of the year.

Tebow hasn't let anybody down on that statement.

Since the loss to Ole Miss, Tebow has had a total of 32 touchdowns. Now that sounds a little bit more like the defending Heisman trophy winner, doesn't it?

As you probably know, Tebow shows much heart in each of his games as he stiff-arms linebackers and runs right through them. Even Bobby Bowden jokingly said that Tebow might want to think about switching to linebacker in the NFL.

Tebow has also been a very inspirational figure off the field. Now I know that the Heisman goes to the most outstanding college football player, but I'm sure the voters won't forget about how traveled across the world to help out kids in need.

He even won the Disney Spirit Award this year, which is given to college football's most inspirational player. The award was presented earlier today in Walt Disney World.

If Tebow wants to win his second Heisman, he had better hope that the voters aren't looking at stats too much, as he's outnumbered on passing yards and touchdowns by Bradford and McCoy.

I'm pretty sure that the voters aren't, though, because the nation's best passing offense's quarterback, Graham Harrell, was left out of the group of finalists.

There has been much controversy about it this week, but maybe Harrell should've thought about not getting blown out by over 40 points to Oklahoma.

Tebow has done all that he can to put himself in position to repeat as the Heisman winner. Now it's up to him, as he has a vote, and many other voters to let him go down in history as just the second player ever to win multiple Heisman awards.