Dare To Dream...My 2009 WWE Wishlist

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IDecember 11, 2008

Recently in our section, a lot of focus has been on the "Best of 2008."  As with every year in the world of wrestling there have been some highs and some lows. 

With keeping an eye to the future, I have prepared a list of things I would like to see from WWE in 2009.

Jeff Hardy Wins the WWE Championship

Probably my ultimate wish for 2009 is to see the "charismatic enigma" finally win the WWE Championship.  He is extremely "over" with the fans and it's time he gets that title run that he failed to get in 2008. 

His brother Matt seems to think that his days of screwing up are over and so do I.  Put the title on Jeff Hardy.

Christian Cage Re-signs with WWE

I'll admit, I'm not the biggest TNA fan so I would love to see the "CLB" come back home to WWE.  My only hope is that when he does return he keeps his status as a main-event caliber performer and is not reduced to mid-card status. 

While many people want to see him reunite with Edge I would love to see them battle each other in what would be a classic feud. 

Build Up, Build Up, Build Up

Taking a cue from Shane Howard who mentioned this in one of his articles, I would like to see more storyline build up in 2009.  No more of the starting of a feud one week before the pay-per-view. 

Let's see a feud start weeks before the pay-per-view and continue for at least a couple of pay-per-views. 

An Improved Divas Division 

Gail Kim should upgrade the caliber of wrestling in the divas division tremendously.  If the rumors are true that Trish Stratus is coming back, that is a huge plus as well.  Now if the WWE can someone get Lita, to return then they really would be cooking!

The Tag Team Division

It sucks.  Need I say more??  Oh....Make it better!  PLEASE! 

Bring Prestige Back To The Intercontinental Championship 

The I/C tournament is a good start.  You have some quality guys who are not main eventing right now that could bring some credibility back to the belt.  Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, and Mr. Kennedy are a few that come to mind. 

William Regal is a veteran who has paid he dues.  If he can stay healthy, he'll make a good heel champion. 

Royal Rumble 2009

Now how's this for a storyline? The Royal Rumble is in my hometown on the same day as my mother-in-law's 50th birthday celebration.  How will yours truly convince his wife to leave the party early so he can attend the Rumble?  Stay tuned....

MVP's Losing Streak 

Wouldn't it be cool for MVP to rival Goldberg's winning streak with an equally impressive losing streak?  Probably not.  WWE is making MVP look real weak right now.  Hopefully his losing streak comes to an end soon.

John Cena's Character

Whether you turn him heel (doubt it) or tweak his current character it's time we see a "new" John Cena.  I will admit that we have seen a bit of a change since he returned at Survivor Series.  Was I the only one that thought the promo he cut on RAW this past week was one of his best in quite some time? 

Austin vs. Hogan at Wrestlemania XXV 

I recently wrote an article about Stone Cold Steve Austin's possible opponents at Wrestlemania XXV if he indeed makes his in-ring return (please read it if you haven't already).  I would love for that opponent to be Hulk Hogan. The man who dominated WWE in the 80's versus the man that arguably did the same in the 90's.  It would be a true clash of the titans!  

What would you like to see in 2009.  Would you like to see Triple H give Austin another kiss?? (God I hope not)  Feel free to comment and let me know.