Terrell Owens: The Emperor Who Wore No Clothes!

John C. Sease, Jr.Correspondent IDecember 11, 2008

Once upon a time in the great kingdom of the National Football League, there lived a mighty emperor who believed he was revered by many.

This emperor was an imposing figure with many talents. His speed was magnificent, his field awareness was keen, and he was well-compensated for the many thrills he bestowed upon the subjects of the great kingdom.

Everything was fine from the emperor’s perspective; however, all was not rosy within the ranks of the kingdom.

You see...the emperor was actually despised by many.

All subjects who opposed him every Sunday during battle disliked him because of the damage he would inflict upon their city.  Furthermore, those who fought alongside the emperor secretly despised him because he was a rude, obnoxious, self-centered, and arrogant person in their presence.

The problem was simply that the emperor believed he wore a magnificent garb of humility and selflessness; however, he was entirely naked and didn’t realize his horrible behavior.

He bounced from city to city spreading his poison.  With every new location he called his home, he failed to notice that his garb of humility and selflessness was just a mirage.

Does this sound like a preposterous fairy tale?  Well...it isn’t!

The emperor...er...uh...Terrell Owens has landed in his newest location in Dallas and is up to his old tricks again.

He is now accusing Tony Romo of secretly plotting to have all pass plays go through Jason Witten since the two are roommates and good friends.

This accusation has caused much tension within the locker room and other players on the squad have attempted to become peacemakers. But in the end, this is a powder keg waiting to blow.

When will the NFL teams finally let T.O. know “HE ISN’T WEARING ANY CLOTHES?”

He continues to believe he is never the problem at any of his many stops and he is always quick to ignore the one common denominator as it pertains to all of his disputes—himself!

He threw Jeff Garcia under the bus in San Francisco, Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia, and he even threw Kyle Boller under the bus during his free agent year without ever playing a down for Baltimore.  Now it is apparent that it is Tony Romo’s turn to get run over by T.O.

How many chances will this diva continue to receive from various NFL teams just because he has the ability to “make plays”?

When will general managers finally pass on his ability and realize that the emotional detriment he brings to every team on which he plays far outweighs his talent?

For now, the emperor is still tolerated by many and is allowed to throw his ubiquitous tantrums.

Until someone has the guts to tell him he “wears no clothes,” we will continue to be subjected to the idiocy he brings to the kingdom of the National Football League.