Who Is the NFL's Face of the Future?

Travis EvansCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

The future of the NFL does not look bright; the big players are slowly aging and only a few players have shined this year.

I will, in my opinion, give a defensive and a offensive player that will shape the NFL in the near future. Thus, I will not give accolades to older players, but new fresh players.

The first thing is that these players have to be game changers, and electrifying. I also want the future to be bright with no criminal future (knock on wood).


Offensive players.

  1. The duo of the Panthers Williams and Stewart will shape the term one-two punch. They show the big plays and both are youthful and makes me want to watch them. If they both stay healthy, Carolina has a bright future ahead of them.
  2. Runner up has to be Matt Ryan; he has the Falcons flying high over the Vick era. He has made the team look great again and are pushing for a playoff spot. He would be No. 1, but he has Mike Turner there; he has helped Matt a lot. If Turner wasn't there, then they could shut Matty Ice down.
  3. Chris Johnson he has brought a new hope to the Titans. They thought that Vince could be a new start but he hasn't panned out YET. So why is Johnson so low; he has shined a lot but when it comes to winning on his back he hasn't shown up. Maybe when they play the Steelers in the coming week he will prove me wrong.


Defensive Players.

  1. Patrick Willis. He has been compared to Ray Lewis by many. He has proved that he is a tackling machine by leading the league his rookie season. Many said that it was because they don't have a D in San Fran. I beg to differ; 291 tackles is no fluke. He hasn't finished the season, either.
  2. Jon Beason. He also came in the league with Patrick but didn't have the numbers, that's why he is in second. He also has put up big tackles in the clutch. Ex. Tampa Bay 4th-and-1 on the goal line, he blasts the line and gets the tackle.
  3. Chris Horton. I'm not just putting him here because I am a Redskins fan. When he was healthy, he was a leader on the Redskins' defense. He had three INTs; which came early and often. Then the injury bug bit him just like the rest of the Skins. He hasn't had a lot of time lately but yet when he plays he reminds me of Polamalu in many ways.

This is just by the way they have played this season. If they struggle next season...well, then, I guess I was wrong.