Mets Land JJ Putz From Seattle in Three-Way Deal

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2008

One day after swiping K-Rod away from the Angels, the Mets have made yet another huge move to aid their bullpen in an attempt to fix the huge problem that it was for the team last year. 

In addition, they did not even have to go out of the AL West division to get their guy either. 

After a three team, 12-player swap between the Mets, Mariners, and Indians, one where mainly prospects were shipped away by New York, J.J. Putz is now a Met. 

In two days, the bullpen went from having nobody, to having two of the most dominant late inning arms in all of baseball. 

Putz will most likely set up for Rodriguez, meaning that the last two arms of the bullpen are two of the most dominant closers throughout all of baseball. 

We all know what K-Rod can do. 

Putz though?  Last year, he battled injuries, but how about the season before?  He had one of the most dominant years by a closer ever. He is going to be setting up for the Mets though in all likelihood. 

More importantly though, if Rodriguez goes down, the Mets have one great insurance policy in Putz. How many teams can you think of currently that have their last two arms out of the bullpen as All-Stars? 

In addition, how many teams can you think of in this situation where they were All-Stars in the more dominating American League, where they usually made hitters look downright foolish each and every single night? 

The answer here is either not many, or none. 

In a dream for Mets fans as well, the problem known as Aaron Heilman is out of town for good. Shipped off to the Mariners, the Mets no longer have to worry about his going into games and blowing them almost seemingly in the blink of an eye. 

At the same time, they do not have to worry about a man who would have probably caused a huge issue in terms of team chemistry if he was not thrown back into the starting rotation as he wanted. 

Translated, the Mets did nothing but help themselves in this deal. 

Yes, trading prospects is usually risky, and this writer usually likes when teams do not give up their prospects, but let's look at the Mets recently. 

The Scott Kazmir trade?  Ok, that one bit the Mets, and bit them hard as well. 

Not giving up Lastings Milledge for Manny Ramirez a few seasons ago though?  After seeing what Manny has done in the National League, and with Milledge currently playing below par baseball with Washington, it would have been a sight to see what Manny could have done in a Mets uniform. 

Let's face it, the Mets are built to win now. 

Of course, one has to worry about the future with prospects, etc, but what happens if they do not pan out? The answer is that the team is held back under almost every possible degree. 

The Mets imploded down the stretch last year, and they are trying to fix one of the main problem areas of the team. 

Will it work?  It remains to be seen, but this much is at least known. The Mets are both trying very hard to say the least to put the best possible product out on the field, and this move to acquire Putz, which cost the team very little, was very smart in every possible way.