Graham Harrell Isn't a Heisman Candidate, and I'm Angry

Thomas H.Correspondent IDecember 12, 2016

The news came out. The Heisman candidates are officially Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. Guess what? I am freakin' angry.

OK, you can give it to someone else. This has been the year of the quarterback, and they all were incredible this year.

But this is an INSULT, and shows how stupidly the NCAA football program is put together!

Why? First, this is an insult to all teams who aren't big market.

Now its official, if you don't have a big historic football name of a college you have to go undefeated to be talked about. Its clear of this, because everyone who watched the Big 12 this year knows all three of those guys were as good as each other!

So why didn't Harrell get picked? No one has heard of Texas Tech football! Who cares about some team who is being sponsored by X armour? I will tell you who doesn't, the Heisman voters.

Also, the Heisman race can have up to six players come to the awards.

Not inviting Harrell is an insult! He has more touchdowns than any of the others, and has been the most dominant in games.

Except for one, and that's where the Heisman politics comes into.

He lost to Oklahoma. He got crushed, we know. Guess what? They all lost to each other! His loss was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, just when the Sooners were coming to power again.

Hey, I am not saying Harrell would have won the award. Really, he doesn't deserve it as much as the others.

But do not block this quarterbacks talent just because he is at a small school, and had a tough loss.

Graham Harrell should have been in this race, and he should be heading to New York City.