5 Great Sports Figures with Robotic-Like Skills

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IIOctober 31, 2011

5 Great Sports Figures with Robotic-Like Skills

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    This past week, before the start of the game between the LA Kings and Dallas Stars, one of the more unique ceremonial puck droppings that I have ever seen took place. To pay tribute to the men and women of the Los Angeles Police Force, the LAPD’s bomb-diffusing robot had the honors.

    The event wasn't flashy or moving. This non-emotional robot had a job to do—and did it.

    The same can be said about some of sports greatest figures. Their methods of success could be called robotic-like, but in the end, they got the job done.

    Here are five sports figures that may come off robotic in their demeanor, but when it comes to performance, they are all true champions.

Roy Halladay

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    Unquestionably one of baseball’s greatest pitchers, Roy Halladay has the market cornered on robotic, non-emotional athletic performances.

    Even after throwing a perfect game against the Florida Marlins in 2010, this stoic right-hander could barely muster a smile. But who cares! He just threw a perfect game, and that is all that matters.

    If the baseball Hall of Fame ever opens an animatronic section, Roy is a shoe-in.

Tom Landry

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    Coach Landry may not have ranted and raved his way up and down the sidelines like a John Madden or a Mike Ditka, but this cool, calculating, fedora-wearing genius was just as successful with his machine-like coaching style. 

    And since the Cowboys had their butts kicked 35-7 by the Eagles this past Sunday, perhaps it’s time for the team consider a new chief play-caller. 

    I hear Wall-E is looking for work.

Lance Armstrong

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    This seven-time Tour de France winner is one of the greatest finely-tuned machines in sports. His accomplishments go beyond normal human-like performance. 

    Simply put, Lance was programmed to win.

Ivan Lendl

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    Czechoslovakian born Ivan Lendl was nicknamed “The Robot.” This tennis legend’s play didn’t rely on John McEnroe-like foul-mouthed tirades or Jimmy Connors-like tantrums. Hell, I don’t think he's even let slip the occasional yelp, a la Maria Sharapova.

    Lendl had one mission to carry out: eliminate his cross-court adversary, a job he accomplished with machine-like proficiency.

Tom Henke

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    The former Toronto Blue Jay relief ace had a non-emotional approach to the game.  Even Henke's nickname, “The Terminator,” accurately captured his method of game-clinching superiority.