What Can the Ottawa Senators Do?

Chris WilsonContributor IDecember 11, 2008

The Ottawa Senators have started to turn the season around a bit, but does something still need to be done? Yes, something does need to be done to turn this team around.

Only Daniel Alfredsson, Jason Spezza and Dany Heatley seem to be going, after those three, Filip Kuba is the secondary scoring. Well, he gets a lot of secondary assists on the big three's goals.

What can Ottawa do?

The problem isn't in net, Alex Auld has that covered, and Marting Gerber might come around. The defensive unit has been relatively solid. No absolute big name, but all around solid. Maybe Alex Picard isn't fitting in how expected, but right now that seems to be the only problem in the back end.

The problem is that no one else can score. It has come down to praying that the big line can get it done. Well bad news, they will not always score three goals a night. So the games that they don't score three times, who's there to pick up the slack?

Mike Fisher has played well these last two games, but just isn't putting the pucks in the net. Antoine Vermette shows a bit of flash every now and then, but like Fisher, doesn't put the put in the back of the net.

A trade might be in order for the Senators just after the new year. One of the good young forwards will have to go if the Senators want to get a return worth while to make an impact this season.

Vermette should be the one on the block. Yes, he's a great penalty killer and has amazing speed, he has all the tools to be a great scorer, but has never pulled through.

Fisher is being paid a lot of money, but all that money isn't just for scoring goals, its his defensive play that makes him valuable to any team in the league. This right now is a Radek Bonk situation where the Senators are trying to make him a scorer, where he's really the prototype of a third-line centre.

What can Ottawa get for Vermette? Right now his value isn't as high as it could be, but Ottawa can still get a good piece for the crafty player.

Tampa Bay: Tampa seems to be wheeling and dealing a lot this season, not too sure what they want in a team. A lot of talent here, but would it be available. Martin St. Louis has proved to be an amazing player before, and he still is. He isn't doing what is expected out of him either this season.

Of course Vermette wouldn't be enough for him, so Ottawa would have to include a draft pick or another prospect.

Columbus: Fredrik Modin is 34, and I'm sure the Blue Jackets would welcome a younger player who is also not living up to expectations.

Although maybe a one for one wouldn't be equal it could happen, with maybe a 4-6 round pick coming from Columbus as well.

Edmonton: It is well known that Edmonton has not been impressed with Dustin Penner. With the size of his contract the Oilers would have to either send money, a pick or a prospect along with him to Ottawa for Vermette.

If the Senators choose to make a change up front, one of these could work, but Bryan Murray might have something else up his sleeve.