My Friend: The Disgruntled Yankees Fan

Jack RioContributor IDecember 11, 2008

The Yankees won a string of World Series in the mid to late 90's, they were the best team playing game in and game out, and were going down in history as one of the best dynasties in the history of the game.  Then, things began to change, and they lost some of their youth, went for bigger stars and destroyed the balance that was necessary for a winning team, and as a Sox Fan, I have loved it ever since.

And guess what? They are doing it again. 

As a Red Sox fan, I do not look forward to the off-season, but Yankees fans do. They should, considering that they have a fantasy baseball draft every off-season, reeling in the biggest names at the highest of prices.  They got Sabathia, may get Manny, AJ Burnett and Derek Lowe, but what good is that going to do for them?  Are these guys going to get them to a world series? Or even an AL East Title? 

If you look at the previous champions, they did not win through huge free agent signings, they won through youth, finding a balance of solid team players that work together for the best of the team.  The Devil Rays are a perfect example, although they came up short of the World Series, they had a team full of great draft picks, young, ambitious, team players who lived to play the game they loved, and would do probably do it for free if money was not an issue.

I have been hearing the applause and excitement of Yankees fans for a few weeks now.  I do not know what they are so excited about, finishing third in the AL East would not excite me.  My best friend is a monster Yankees fan, an encyclopedia of Yankees information, adoration and love for his team.  And, he is p*ssed.

Here is why (in his own words):

(1) We paid CC the most money in the history of pitching...and had to drag him to NY against his will
(2) trading for Mike Cameron who is a career .250 hitter, has zero range in the outfield, is 36, and strikes out 150-175 times a year with no walks
(3) offering AJ Burnett more money than Josh Beckett or other aces are paid...who is always injured and has an ERA over 4.00 and is completely overrated
(4) and we do this the year we finally stop paying Carl Pavano....yet do the same thing for $30 million more
(5) now we are offering Sheets a deal...Ben Sheets, a guy that never pitches more than two months a season, who we will lose a first round pick to the Brewers when we sign him after already giving up a first rounder to sign Sabathia
(6) Leaving Lowe on the table, the only pitcher of everyone who has not missed a start in four years, has won a World Series, has pitched in the AL East, is a clutch pitcher, and wants to be on the east coast
(7) Meanwhile the Red Sox just lay in the weeds, trade a useless outfielder for a setup reliever, and it looks like you will sign Teixeira while looking to trade another useless player like Lugo for an energy and character motivator in Byrnes who fits perfectly on any contender.
- and probably throw Lowe on the back of the rotation
- and win the World Series
- while we win 89 games, miss the playoffs, and have our rotation miss 50 starts combined
(8) i'm f*cking sick of this team, I really am. I used to look forward to baseball season from November first on, but now they take away my f*cking stadium, ruin my franchise, let Tampa Bay leave us in the dust, and make every horrible move possible. They are turning us into the 2003 Oakland Raiders.
(9) Teixeira walks a lot, hits 30 homers, drives in over 100, plays gold glove championship first base every night, character player, tough, young, and perfect.
(10) Ellsbury, Pedroia, Ortiz, Tex, Youk, Bay, Beckett, Lester, Matsuzaka, Lowe....see you in late October holding the trophy
(11)Swisher hitting .219 at first WOW...Cano who forgot how to hit and lost his fielding ability at second...aging Jeter with zero range or RBI ability at SS...Mr. Overrated at third, Nady in RF, Cameron who cannot handle the Mets but can handle the Yanks in CF...and either old washed up Matsui or old washed up Damon in LF...injured Posada behind the plate with no arm.

And to add Brian Cashman is officially dead to me.