Detroit Lions: 6 Players Killing Your Fantasy Team

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

Detroit Lions: 6 Players Killing Your Fantasy Team

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    It's great that the Detroit Lions are 6-2, but they have some players that are killing fantasy owners.

    Wasn't Jahvid Best supposed to break out this year?

    And I am almost positive Nate Burleson has scored a touchdown at some point in his career.

    Now the team has a bye week, so even Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson owners have to suffer for at least a week.

    Here are six Detroit Lions who are harming your fantasy roster.

6. Titus Young

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    Titus Young is having an exceptional rookie season.

    The problem is that you likely don't have him on your fantasy football team.

    Young is the Detroit Lions' third receiver, so logic tells you to take Nate Burleson before him.

    Every time Young catches a pass it takes away points that Burleson should be adding to your team.

    Lions fans are encouraged by Young's production, but he is killing fantasy owners.

5. Jeff Backus

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    Jeff Backus is a frustrating player.

    It is hard not to respect the amount of time he has spent with the Detroit Lions, and the amount of games he has dedicated to the organization.

    At the same time, he is often making stupid mistakes or costing the Lions valuable field position.

    Matthew Stafford is having a great season, but one can't help but wonder how many more yards he could have thrown for if Backus wasn't constantly letting defensive ends come off the edge.

    Backus has moments where he seems competent. Against the Dallas Cowboys, he completely shut down DeMarcus Ware.

    If only he played like that every week, Stafford may have a few more precious seconds to scan the field and complete passes to open receivers.

4. Scott Linehan

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    Scott Linehan's offensive game plan is clearly working for the Detroit Lions.

    A 6-2 record means the balance he has struck is paying dividends for the team, but that does not mean it is working out perfectly for fantasy owners.

    Imagine if Linehan stopped trying to force a running game and decided to draw up more plays for Calvin Johnson?

    The 11 touchdowns he has now could be increased exponentially.

    Titus Young could catch wide open scores on a regular basis.

    This is a minor gripe, but in the world of fantasy football, every yard matters.

3. Maurice Morris

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    Maurice Morris scored a touchdown against the Denver Broncos.

    That is just about his only tangible fantasy output of the season.

    When Jahvid Best got hurt, many fantasy owners flocked to Morris. The hope was that he could provide a spark to an anemic rushing attack.

    No such luck.

    The Detroit Lions are simply not a rushing team. That is evidenced every week, as they continue to find success passing the ball.

    Morris has not established himself as a viable fantasy weapon, and he is taking carries away from Keiland Williams.

    If you are unfortunate enough to own Morris or Williams, then No. 28 must be killing your fantasy team.

2. Nate Burleson

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    Calvin Johnson casts a huge shadow, both literally and figuratively.

    Nate Burleson is too good a player to keep getting lost in it.

    Burleson has 22 receptions for 222 yards and only one touchdown so far this season.

    Matthew Stafford is playing too well for No. 13 to have such pedestrian stats.

    He had 93 yards receiving against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2.

    Since then, he has not topped 34 yards in any game.

    Burleson is the second best receiver on a prolific offense, and yet he is doing more harm than good for fantasy teams.

1. Jahvid Best

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    Jahvid Best is a tough fantasy player to figure out.

    He has so much talent, and sometimes he even puts it on display.

    On Monday Night Football he was exceptional against the Chicago Bears.

    Best had 12 carries for 163 yards and a touchdown.

    Yet all too often he is non-existent. In each of his other four starts, he has not passed 60 yards on the ground.

    Fantasy owners rely on consistency, and Best continues to tease them with his play.

    Hopefully once he returns from his concussion, Best can put up respectable fantasy numbers.