BCS Rankings: How Did Oregon End Up Ahead of Oklahoma in AP & USAT Polls?

Colby LanhamCorrespondent IOctober 30, 2011

EUGENE, OR - OCTOBER 29: Wide receiver Lavasier Tuinei #80 of the Oregon Ducks dives into the end zone for a touchdown in the second quarter of the game against the Washington State Cougars at Autzen Stadium on October 29, 2011 in Eugene, Oregon. Oregon won the game 43-28. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)
Steve Dykes/Getty Images

The BCS roller coaster continues, with the Clemson Tigers and the Kansas State Wildcats falling from the undefeated ranks and the likes of Oregon, Stanford and Oklahoma pulling off impressive victories to rise further in the polls.

Oregon and Oklahoma were the best among the risers, as Oklahoma bounced back nicely against Kansas State to claim a 58-17 victory after their shocking defeat against  Texas Tech.

They have put themselves back into BCS contention once again, and aren't completely out of the BCS National Championship game, either.

Oregon is also in the same boat as Oklahoma, and actually jumped Oklahoma in both the AP and USA Today polls, coming in at No. 6 while the Sooners came in at No. 7.

How did that possibly happen?

Well, for one, it may be hard for Oklahoma to jump teams just yet because of their loss to an unranked Texas Tech. Oregon, since their first-game loss against LSU, has been very consistent despite injuries to starting quarter back Darron Thomas and running back LaMichael James. The Ducks have been in a dead heat with the Stanford Cardinal for the top of the division.

While Oklahoma also has only one loss, it is still very debatable as to whether they deserve to jump over Oregon at this point.

Both teams have proven themselves BCS-worthy at this point, but because Oklahoma has yet to play Oklahoma State, Oregon will get the nod because of their better performances over the past few weeks.

What do you think? Should Oklahoma be ranked higher than Oregon?