Breaking News: Plaxico Burress Has Not Had a Trial Yet!

Robert ZendzianCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

Facts are facts, and I am not attempting to make excuses or say that Plaxico Burress is innocent of any crime. However, it is amazing to see all these people "hating on" the Giants' wide receiver who accidentally shot himself. 

Just as quickly as the whole nation jumped on the New York Giants bandwagon last year and so far this year, they have hoped on to the one riding next to it; The "Burress is Bad News" bandwagon.

The legal battle has not even begun yet. Is it too much to ask that we all withhold judgement until the judicial system speaks on the issue? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

Article after article bashing Plaxico Burress can be found on this site and anti-Burress comments are all over sports blogs. I understand his actions were not well advised, but seriously, give him a break. He did not kill anyone or any animals.

Burress has a cleaner record then Adam Jones and Chris Henry, yet the spotlight is being forced onto him like he set a new record for most crimes per season. CPS, a new stat column to be found in the NFL soon.

Seriously, there is all this negative coverage on Burress now, and I am sure there is more to come as soon as a ruling is dealt. If he is found guilty, we will hear how Burress "got what he deserved."

If he is found innocent or receives a small fine, it will be about how professional athletes get off too easily.

I ask you to lay off Burress for now. There will be plenty to say in a few months. Let's not drag this out until then!

P.S. Bloomberg's comments were unacceptable. Great take on the Burress situation here.