Steve Kerr Makes Sun Set In Phoenix

king KaneContributor IDecember 10, 2008

In the middle of last season, I asked myself, "Why Steve Kerr? Why?"

Why did you trade your only all around player (Marion), for an old and lazy Shaquille O’Neal?

I somehow got over the horrible management decision and moved on. However I now find myself in the middle of another season asking Kerr again; why?

Why would you trade two good players, and one up-and-coming player in the middle of the season?

What is Kerr's idea of management? He plans to fix the problems that aren't working by constantly trading good players in the middle of the season. Wasn't that what Shaq was for?

Kerr stated that, “We’re really thankful for everything Raja and Boris have done for us over the years, as well as, Sean this year, but we just felt like our team needed some change.”

The only change that is needed in phoenix is the general manager, Steve Kerr. 

I do not agree with Coach Terry Porter in the lead but he only seems to be half the problem. Kerr wants a championship now; but you don't get it by constantly rotating major players in and out. How is a team going to get its rhythm with a revolving door policy?

The part that appears strange is that Marion and Bell both were crowd favorites in Phoenix. If you want to sell tickets and keep fans you usually create poster players, not trade them. 

Unless Kerr has some amazing trick up his sleeve, then the Suns are in for an early, disappointing season. Kerr failed miserably last season, and is already on his way down with Porter by his side. Maybe the next trade will be a smart one and that will be Kerr for a monkey.

If this keeps up I see Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire, a.k.a “STAT,” heading far away from the valley of the sun.  I hope they wind up in New York where run and gun basketball can once again rule the NBA. 

Boris Diaw stated that he would always remember Suns’ basketball when it was a good team under Mike D'antoni.  I wish Diaw, Bell, and Sean the best of luck and a prosperous career.

As for Kerr, I think he will find himself as one of the biggest mistakes in Suns’ franchise history.