NFL Power 10: Steelers, Panthers Soaring—With Song Lyrics!

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer IDecember 10, 2008

This week, to mix things up a little, we’re going to do song lyrics for each team instead of the normal mindless banter. This will either be tremendous, or terrible.

Either way, I’m committed because I already typed this and the backspace button on my keyboard isn’t working.


1 (2) Tennessee Titans (12-1-0): Power 10 Points: 228

LL Cool J: Mama Said Knock You Out

Don't call it a comeback

I been here for years

Rockin' my peers and puttin' suckas in fear

Makin the tears rain down like a MON-soon

Listen to the bass go BOOM


2 (1) New York Giants (11-2-0): Power 10 Points: 210

Natalie Cole: Miss You Like Crazy

I miss you like crazy, I miss you like crazy, ever since you went away

Every hour of every day, I miss you like crazy, I miss you like crazy

No matter what I say or do, there’s just no getting over you


t3 (5) Carolina Panthers (10-3-0): Power 10 Points: 176

David Archuleta: Running

I know you're somewhere runnin' straight to me

Don't stop runnin'

Don't stop

Keep on runnin'

Don't stop

Keep on runnin'...


t3 (3) Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3-0): Power 10 Points: 176

Nelly: Number 1

You better watch who you talkin' bout; runnin your mouth, like you know me

You gon' mess around and show why the "Show Me" get called the "Show Me"

Why one-on-one you can't hold me if your last name was Haynes

Only way you wear me out is stitch my name on your pants


5 (6) Baltimore Ravens (9-4-0): Power 10 Points: 159

Sudden Death: I Wanna Beat You Up

I'm gonna make you feel real bad

I'll beat you so you'll never get up

Your face will soon be part of the road

And this is what I'll do

I Wanna Beat You Up


t6 (4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-4-0): Power 10 Points: 137

Sweets: Boring

Nothing thrills us anymore

No one kills us anymore

Life is such a chore

When it's….



t6 (10) Indianapolis Colts (9-4-0): Power 10 Points: 137

Drowning Pool: Rise Up

I will sit right here and I will wait

Patiently for your last big mistake

And I won't be denied it

Cause all I've got left is my pride

And I will rise up


8 (7) Atlanta Falcons (8-5-0): Power 10 Points: 126

Ludacris: Welcome to Atlanta

Welcome to Atlanta where the playas play

And we ride on them things like every day

Big beats, hit streets, see gangstas roamin'

And parties don’t stop til' eight in the mornin'


9 (8) New York Jets (8-5-0): Power 10 Points: 122

Three Days Grace: Overrated

You made it

You played it

Your s**t is overrated

You made it

You played it

Your s**t is overrated

10 (-) Arizona Cardinals (8-5-0): Power 10 Points: 119

E-40: Happy To Be Here

I'm just happy to be here right now

Lot of my folks been locked up or laid down

See I'm sayin' I ain't shed no tears, no

But I'm just happy to be here


Dropped Out:

(9) Dallas Cowboys (8-5-0): Power 10 Points: 107

Weird Al Yankovic: Fat

My zippers bust, my buckles break

I'm too much man for you to take

The pavement cracks when I fall down

I've got more chins than Chinatown

Well, I've never used a phone booth

And I've never seen my toes

When I'm goin' to the movies

I take up seven rows


Bottom Three:

30 (30) St. Louis Rams (2-11-0): Power 10 Points: -82

Nine Inch Nails: Terrible Lie

Why are you doing this to me?

Am I not living up to what I'm supposed to be?

Why am I seething with this animosity?

I think you owe me a great big apology.


31 (31) Cincinnati Bengals (1-11-1): Power 10 Points: -99

Blink 182: Pathetic

I know I'm pathetic, I knew when she said it

A loser, a bum's what she called me when I drove her home


32 (32) Detroit Lions (0-13-0): Power 10 Points: -121

Gus and Frank: We Suck

And we work so hard at it

Certainly we suck

And we're so perfect at it

That maybe someday we'll rock

Certainly we suck


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