Ted Dibiase Jr: The Million-Dollar Nothing

Danny HenriquezContributor IDecember 10, 2008

His dad definitely had one of the best theme songs in the 1980s—"Money! Money! Money!"—but in reality, there is nothing money about his seed.

Ted Dibiase Jr. has been with the company a short time, since the whole angle with him and Hardcore Holly Rhodes. We have seen him wrestle in some not-so-stellar matches, and saw him cut those promos against Mick Foley and MVP, saying he's the son of the Million Dollar and never worries about money.

And I read in some B/R articles and comments about how he's the next "Randy Orton" and how he's being polished for a world-title run due to his role in Marine 2.

It makes me want to puke!

I understand that there is an unwritten rule that second-generation wrestlers get special treatment, but really? Ted Dibiase?

I read an article on Rajah.com a while back about how Angelina Love from TNA's beautiful people faction said that when she was in WWE development a while back, one of the road agents told her they want all Divas to look similar.  

I was watching Raw a few weeks back with a girlfriend, and she pointed out that in the Diva eight-girl tag match, all of the girls must have the same hair dresser, because their haircuts and weaves were all exactly the same.

Could the road agents be prepping new male superstars as cookie-cutter characters also?  Have the ideas for the product become so stale that for the next few year we are going to be watching Randy Orton clones?

It's kind of frustrating when I see a guy like Ted Dibiase get pushed, because unless you get local affiliate shows of WWE development, he has done nothing to build up his character on national WWE television. The promos he cut were average, and he essentially has that same "frat boy" look that Randy Orton has.

I am not jumping on a Randy Orton hate train either. I like his character and gimmick a lot. He plays it off real well, and the "legend killer" moniker was definitely an awesome way to move up the ranks in 2004-2005.

This is what Ted is lacking—a build-up. The last guy who had no build-up and pushed to the stars was Brock Lesner. However, Brock was huge, had the championship look, and was physically so gifted in the wrestling ring that they had to put the strap on him.

Ted Dibiase does not have a championship look. Nothing about his size or strength is freakish. Although his ring time has been diminished, I have not seen him take a real bump or have stellar PPV matches.

And finally, the dude looks exactly like Randy Orton. 

We all saw how the ratings tanked when CM Punk was champion. We all read on the Internet how irate Vince McMahon got when Smackdown was becoming the better product than Raw late summer/early fall. And we all hear the non-reaction "Priceless" gets when they enter the Arena.

Are they really going to put the confidence on a diaper-shitted development wrestler who has a famous last name?

John Cena the money maker, Edge the psycho, Crime Time the gangstas, CM Punk the straight edger, Kofi the Smiling Rastafarian, Rey Mysterio the Underdog, and Triple H the measuring Stick of the company. Where the hell does the Priceless tool fit in the mold? I know where—the penny stock WWE will become if they put the strap on him.