Five Reasons Why Colt McCoy Will Win the Heisman

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

Saying Big 12 quarterbacks were dominant this year would be an extreme understatement. They literally obliterated any competition and made for some very interesting games. This, however, proves why we have two of our three Heisman finalists from that same conference.

So, as many of us are asking ourselves, who really deserves this award? This is turning out to be one of the tightest Heisman races in the past few years, and finally there is excitement back in of this competition that was a runaway last year.

Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, and Tim Tebow embody all of the characteristics to be considered for this prestigious honor, but I am here to show you why Mr. McCoy has risen above and truly deserves this award.

5. Colt was the leading rusher for his team

While this is overlooked, Colt ran for over 500 yards. Saying he was the leading rusher says that he really lacked the offensive firepower in the backfield like Oklahoma possessed in Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray.

4. Colt's talent on offense was considerably less than that of Tebow and Bradford

Not saying that Texas had no offense, but it really had no Percy Harvin or Jermaine Gresham or Manny Johnson. Colt put up pretty much identical if not better numbers with depletion on offense. That shows he is the leader and the main cog that turns that team and gets it going.

3. Colt was arguably the nation's best dual-threat Quarterback

While Tebow is in this conversation, no one embodied the true role of making every play count and converting in every possible clutch situation. This man proved to be a third down warrior and took nothing for granted. Not a knock on Tim Tebow at all—I just think McCoy embraced and executed just as well if not even better than him.

2. Colt set his tone and was the most consistent player in College Football

Consistency was the target, and it was completely met. Colt, every week, would completely dominate, and you could take his numbers to the bank. He was that motivated and driven towards success. That also in my mind embodies what a Heisman winner is: someone who will consistently dominate no matter the stage or situation.

1. Colt completely shattered the NCAA Passing Efficiency Record

This in my mind stands alone as the deciding factor. Colt has a passing efficiency of 77.6. The previous record was 73.6! That's three points higher than the previous record that hadn't been beaten for the past 10 years! So McCoy was completing 26 passes every time he threw 30, only missing four passes every game.

This is it folks. The winner must be the team leader, but stats are not everything—he must truly be the engine of the offense and be able to do it all. That is exactly what Colt McCoy did and why he is more than deserving of this award.

The Heisman Trophy will be awarded on Dec. 13, 2008 on ESPN at 8:00 P.M.