Colorado Buffaloes Football: Recruiting Update/New Feature (The Guest Archivist)

Stuart WhitehairAnalyst IDecember 10, 2008

Season’s greetings, Buff fans, from CU At the Game!
If you have been suffering, as I have, from CU football withdrawal, I’ve got an early Christmas present for you! Up new on the website is the following:


CU Recruiting Update
The verbal recruiting list remains at eight, but there is still recruiting news to report. The 2009 class, according to Dan Hawkins, will include 20 to 22 new players.

What positions present the greatest needs? We’ll take a look at each unit, and try and guess where the next 12 to 14 recruits will play.

CU Recruiting Spotlight: Parker Orms-
If you haven’t heard about Parker Orms, you are going to enjoy his story. Orms led the Wheat Ridge Farmers to the 4-A state championship game this November.

What Orms accomplished (five touchdowns, including a game-winning 56-yard run with 19 seconds to play) is the stuff of legend.

The best part, of course, is that Orms is going to be a Buff next fall!


New Feature! Introducing the "Guest Archivist"
While the Buffs’ season was a disappointment to most of us, there were memorable moments.
For me, meeting many of you was a great highlight of 2008. What we all have in common is a passion for CU football, and, from what I have discovered, an endless supply of CU stories.

I have posted a number of my stories on the website. Now it’s time to hear from you!
A big tip of the CU cap to Brad Mathers, who came up with the idea for the "Guest Archivist."
It’s really simple: tell us your CU story.
Just take a few minutes to write up your favorite Buff story: that time you rushed the field after a big win; the road trip with your CU roommates; that bowl game adventure; the time you met the coach/favorite player/broadcaster...there are so many great tales to tell!
Here’s all you have to do: drop me an email at and include your story (don’t worry about game details; I’ll help with the specifics). [Along with the story, please let me know if it is okay to use your name, or if you would prefer something like "Steve T." as an identifier].

My goal is to fill the off-season posts with stories from you and your fellow Buffs, and perhaps even have a competition for the best story.
I have been able to get two brave volunteers to kick off this new section (Please note that the results on the field are not the focus of either story).

Guest Archivist - David Barash
"The Day I Became a CU fan" - Colorado v. Washington - Sept. 16, 2000


Guest Archivist - Steve "Woody" Gruenler
"I Know Something You Don’t Know" - Colorado v. Iowa State - Nov. 19, 1994
Many thanks to Brad Mathers for the concept, and to David and Woody for their contributions. Check out David and Woody’s offerings, and then get to work!
Go Buffs!