Speed Kills, Just Ask Sooner's Defense

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

Football coaches love the mantra, "you can't coach speed." With all the athletes OU has, they were ran all over last january by Noel Devine & Pat White.  Even the fullback, Owen Schmitt, broke a 57-yard run on OU last year. 

I know what Vegas says, but when I look at the game this year everything tells me OU is going to win.  Minus one game, both teams have dominated their schedules for the most part, but OU has dominated the top 25 beating 5 teams by an average of 31 points and in three of those games the Sooners left points on the board.

If you are going to say OU ran up the score, well stop and think, those are top twenty-five teams, they shouldn't be able to run up the score.  OU had its slip up but so did Florida.  Florida dominated its schedule for the most part but has only two wins against top 25 teams as ranked at the end of the year and only dominated one. 

You can say what you want about SEC defense but they have not performed well against BCS conferences this year, in 15 games the SEC is 6-9, given up 32 per game in those nine loses and 22 points per game overall, though Florida and Alabama defense's are the class of the conference by far.

But that being said about OU, I cannot shake what happened to the Sooners last year. West Virginia wasn't supposed to have a chance and they controlled the entire game by having the two fastest players on the field, Pat White and Noel Devine. 

I have heard the legend about Florida's player out running Noel Devine in the parking lot of a Walmart.  Although, I am skeptical of the story and do not  think a parking lot equates to a football field in full pads, I think everyone knows that Florida is the fastest team and Percy Harvin is faster than anyone on OUs defense.  

Fast players have an advantage in a long layoff, because speed does need a quarter to get into the flow of the game, speed does not forget assignments and speed does not have to remember what coverage it is when a safety lines up over the flanker.  

So despite OUs resume, speed kills and it destroyed the Sooners last January. It may do the same this year, too.