Raiders Fans Take Day Off to Honor Team's Effort

Stewart Upton@@stewartuptonContributor IDecember 10, 2008

Hearing about the Oakland Raider players taking time off from practicing for multiple days after their humiliating loss to the San Diego Chargers last Thursday, Raider fans decided to take some time off from supporting the team as well.

Raider fans were reported to have hung their jerseys up in the closet and spent the day visiting Denver Bronco or Kansas City Chiefs websites, while others tuned in to watch the Home Shopping Network sale on large kitchen knives.

MSNBC's "Lockup Raw" received honorable mentions as well from a large majority of the fanbase both currently in and recently out of government custodianship.

According to Jerry McDonald, "Inside the Oakland Raiders" blog reporter, when the Raiders take the field Wednesday, they will not have practiced in a week.

"They last took the field on the Wednesday preceding the Chargers game, played on Thursday, held meetings on Friday, then took Saturday and Sunday off," reported McDonald in his Dec. 8 entry for his blog found on the Oakland Tribune website.

The Raiders did not practice on Monday or Tuesday as well.

This makes perfect sense, because the Raiders at 3-10 deserve some time off, right?

Because when they were 3-8 the following Friday after their surprising win over Denver on Nov. 23, Coach Tom Cable gave the team the afternoon off.

This was normally the time when "red zone" scoring was practiced by the offense. 

Not surprisingly, this was obvious on game day against the Kansas City Chiefs when the Raiders failed to score inside the red zone on multiple attempts.

Probably doesn't need to be said, but I'll say it...maybe they could have spent more time on the fake field goal play that cost them the game.

So then what does Cable do after a humiliating loss to San Diego on Thursday night? 

He gives the players more time off.

Are you freakin’ kidding me?

I would ask who is in charge, but we all know the answer to that question.

There is an obvious lack of leadership with the coaches and at quarterback in Oakland.

The only wins accomplished by the Oakland Raiders this season have come against teams who had no ability to find motivation in playing against them.

It's hard for former Green Bay packer Brett Favre or the Broncos to be motivated when the last time they played the Raiders it was the equivalent of a "practice walk-through."

The offensive production for the wins against the Chiefs, New York Jets, and Broncos serve as anomalies instead of consistent trends.

The Raiders defense has shown more consistency on level with play in the NFL than the offense. 

Hopefully the defense will improve in the offseason and Rob Ryan will be retained.

Over the past six years, where play is elevated when making an appearance in a prime time game, it makes clear that the Raiders offense is nonexistent and their coaches have been outcoached.

Prime time blowouts by the Raider opponents highlight the reality that this is a team whose offense lacks a quarterback with the ability to lead in the NFL and an offensive line that lacks muscle and an ability to execute.

Numerous second half and fourth quarter comeback wins by Raider opponents over the past couple of years point out a lack of conditioning as well.

This team needs more time practicing and conditioning...not more days off.

The other sad part of this reality in Oakland is that if a coach comes in and tries to have more practice and conditioning, the players revolt and Mr. Al Davis takes their side.