Power Ranking All 20 Starting Premier League Goalkeepers

Julian NikolovskiContributor IIIOctober 28, 2011

Power Ranking All 20 Starting Premier League Goalkeepers

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    Let’s face it: being a goalkeeper can be tough.

    You’re often the scapegoat for the poor performance of the 10 men in front of you and you’re often the forgotten soul when your team is victorious.

    Yet you cannot discount the importance of a great goalkeeper. If you need proof, look no further than the two undefeated teams in the Premier League this season, Manchester City and Newcastle, who have conceded just seven and six goals respectively.

    So where do all 20 starting Goalkeepers in the Premier League rank? I set out to find out.

    After hours of research and deliberation, here they are.

    (Note: Stats are for Premier League games only)

20. Paul Robinson: Blackburn

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    Saves: 24
    Clean Sheets: 0
    Goals Conceded: 20

    I feel bad putting Paul Robinson at the bottom of the list because I really don’t think he is such a bad goalkeeper, but I was left with no other choice.

    Robinson is one of just two goalkeepers to have not recorded a clean sheet in the Premier League this season and has conceded the second most number of goals of all starting goalkeepers.

    As a result, we start our list with the former England No. 1.

19. Jussi Jaaskelainen: Bolton

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    Saves: 26
    Clean Sheets: 1
    Goals Conceded: 24

    We move on to another Premier League veteran, and once again, I feel terrible for having him so low on my list. Jaaskelainen has been one of the most reliable goalkeepers in the Premier League for over a decade and in that time he has played in a whopping 466 games for Bolton.

    Yet, we are in the here and the now and Jaaskelainen hasn’t been producing so far this season.

    He has conceded a league-high 24 goals and has just one clean sheet to his name, and as a result he comes in at No. 19 on our list.

18. Patrick 'Paddy' Kenny: QPR

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    Saves: 22
    Clean Sheets: 4
    Goals Conceded: 14

    Kenny has actually been pretty good this season. He has been so good that he has amassed four clean sheets, which ties him with the league’s leaders.

    So why is Kenny ranked at just a measly 18th you ask? On the surface, the number of saves he has had to make is the second lowest in the Premier League, suggesting that he really hasn’t been tested all too often.

    Yet ultimately my decision to put Kenny here is simply indicative of how good these other goalkeepers truly are.

17. Tim Howard: Everton

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    Saves: 22
    Clean Sheets: 1
    Goals Conceded: 12

    I can’t believe that I am putting Tim Howard this low because in all honesty I don’t feel as though he has done anything to deserve being 17th on our list.

    He may struggle when it comes to corners and crosses, but ultimately he is one of the bravest goalkeepers on the planet and will always give his all when going for the ball.

    Yet with all that said, a wave of talented young goalkeepers are rising through the Premier League, and with just one clean sheet to his name, Howard is slowly beginning to fall behind the pack.

16. John Ruddy: Norwich

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    Saves: 31
    Clean Sheets: 0
    Goals Conceded: 12

    The first youngster on the list is relative unknown Premier League-newbie John Ruddy from Norwich City.

    In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if half of you hadn’t even heard his name up until now, but you could be hearing a whole lot more about him in the not too distant future.

    Ruddy may not have a clean sheet to his name this season, but he has racked up some incredible saves and has been a clutch performer for Norwich City. You have to look no further than the game against Liverpool, where he almost single-handedly salvaged a point for Norwich.

    Ruddy has been so good that rumours are swelling that he could be in line for an England call-up in the not too distant future, and that wouldn't surprise me at all.

15. Ali Al-Habsi: Wigan

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    Saves: 33
    Clean Sheets: 2
    Goals Conceded: 15

    Ali Al-Habsi is perhaps one of the best raw shot-stoppers in the entire league. He has lightning fast reactions and will never back away from a challenge.

    His 33 saves (fourth in the league) are indicative of his shot-stopping ability, although Al-Habsi has been criticised on numerous occasions for his frailties in the air and there are suggestions that he often fails to command his area.

    With all that said, Al-Habsi has finally proved that he is truly a starting-calibre goalkeeper, and a good one at that.

    Wigan may just have him to thank if they can avoid the drop this season.

14. Wayne Hennessey: Wolves

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    Saves: 37
    Clean Sheets: 2
    Goals Conceded: 14

    Wayne Hennessey is the next youngster on our list and this season the 24-year-old is finally beginning to show his promise.

    At 6’5” Hennessey is a commanding figure in the box, and has all the tools necessary to become one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, and it could just be a matter of time until that’s the case.

    Hennessey has been called upon to make a save a whopping 37 times so far this season and has managed to keep two clean sheets and concede just fourteen goals.

    In a few years time, Hennessey could well find himself on the doorstep of the top ten.

13. Simon Mignolet: Sunderland

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    Saves: 27
    Clean Sheets: 3
    Goals Conceded: 10

    Simon Mignolet is the type of player who flies quietly under the radar and I think he is due some praise for his efforts.

    He has beaten out two very decent goalkeepers in Gordon and Westwood to claim the starting role at the Stadium of Light and is now the definitive starter for the Belgian National Team.

    He has conceded just 10 goals, good enough for the third least in the league, and also has three clean sheets to his name, which all goes to show just how good Mignolet truly is.

    He picked up Man of the Match awards for impressive displays against Manchester City, Manchester United and Arsenal last season, which is proof that Mignolet is able to perform on the biggest stage.

12. Mark Schwarzer: Fulham

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    Saves: 25
    Clean Sheets: 3
    Goals Conceded 12

    Schwarzer is another veteran goalkeeper that comes far lower on this list than I really would have liked to put him.

    I fought the urge to let my Australian bias sway me here and came up with a spot for Schwarzer that I thought many of you would agree with.

    The veteran goalkeeper has been sensational for both Middlesbrough and Fulham in his time in the Premier League. In fact, he has been so good, that he garnered the attention of Arsenal for a number of years, and fell just inches short of a dream move to the Emirates.

    He has three clean sheets, 25 saves, has conceded just 12 goals and is largely responsible for a lot of the success Fulham has enjoyed over the past few seasons.

11. Ben Foster: West Brom

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    Saves: 27
    Clean Sheets: 3
    Goals Conceded: 11

    You can’t help but feel for Ben Foster. He was never really given a shot to prove himself at Manchester United and after being announced as Birmingham’s Player of the Season last year, there will surely be some sense of regret on Manchester United’s part.

    Foster has no real flaws in his game and has been incredibly consistent throughout his career.

    He has an impressive three clean sheets, just 11 goals conceded and if he can continue to perform like this, he may well find himself creeping up this list.

10. Brad Friedel: Tottenham

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    Saves: 34
    Clean Sheets: 2
    Goals Conceded: 13

    What can I really say about Brad Friedel?

    For starters I can tell you that he could be the most reliable goalkeeper in the Premier League and he has been for a decade now.

    I can also tell you that if Tottenham do manage to break into the Top Four this season, it will be largely attributed to the addition of Brad Friedel.

    With 34 saves to his name, you can’t help but question how many of those would have gone in were it Gomes between the sticks. The consistency that Friedel provides this team is absolutely critical, which is why he is opens the top ten on our list.

9. David De Gea: Manchester United

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    Saves: 37
    Clean Sheets: 2
    Goals Conceded: 12

    I do not doubt in the slightest that David De Gea could well have the most potential of any player on this list, although when judging the player who he is now, I couldn’t find a spot for him above ninth.

    He fell victim to a few blunders early on, yet he is still very young and rather inexperienced. You need to look no further than his 37 saves to see that he has proven himself as an excellent shot-stopper.

    It’d be incredibly intriguing to re-create this list in a few years just to see how far De Gea will have come. For all we know he could well be the Premier League’s best in just a few years.

8. Shay Given: Aston Villa

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    Saves: 30
    Clean Sheets: 3
    Goals Conceded: 11

    Shay Given is practically the whole package as a goalkeeper, and in all honesty, I think he has the talent worthy of a top 5 placement.

    So why isn’t he? Well the answer to that is simple. It is simply due to misfortune.

    Given could have been a star at Arsenal had they lodged the long hoped for bid, yet instead he fell into the hands of Manchester City, where his name was slowly pushed behind Joe Hart.

    Now, Given is back and he is putting together some very impressive numbers for Aston Villa.

    He will prove to be quite the bargain for Alex McLeish.

7. Wojciech Szczesny: Arsenal

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    Saves: 23
    Clean Sheets: 3
    Goals Conceded: 18

    Szczesny was always a player with promise as an Arsenal junior, yet nobody was ever quite sure what to expect of the young Pole.

    Some saw him as a useless youngster and others saw him as a decent starter, yet I don’t think anyone truly saw him as the answer to Arsenal’s goalkeeping crisis.

    Szczesny has been so impressive that he brought a frantic goalkeeper search to a complete halt.

    He can do it all as a keeper, and similarly to De Gea, he could find himself at the summit of this list in the not too distant future.

    Just imagine how good he would be with a better defence ahead of him.

6. Petr Cech: Chelsea

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    Saves: 9
    Clean Sheets: 1
    Goals Conceded: 12

    I must admit that I essentially threw the statistics right out the window when grading Petr Cech.

    Petr Cech can still do it all (although he can be a little suspect in the air) and had he avoided that horrific head injury, he would probably be my pick as the best goalkeeper in the Premier League.

    At just 29, it is sad to think that Cech could soon be left with no option other than to retire, because the fact that he is still able to perform so well despite those injuries is a testament to how good Cech really is.

    Chelsea are very lucky to have a goalkeeper of his calibre in between the sticks.

5. Tim Krul: Newcastle

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    Saves: 23
    Clean Sheets: 4
    Goals Conceded: 6

    If someone told you that Newcastle would be undefeated after nine Premier League games, you would have told them that they were insane.

    They largely have Tim Krul to thank for achieving what they have so far, as he has been practically flawless.

    He has a league-high four clean sheets and has conceded just six goals (Krul leads the league in that category as well). Through these statistics he has established himself as one of the best goalkeepers that the Premier League has to offer.

    The Dutchman is just 23 years old and is on the brink of finally establishing himself amongst the Premier League’s elite goalkeepers.

4. Michel Vorm: Swansea

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    Saves: 38
    Clean Sheets: 4
    Goals Conceded: 14

    Michel Vorm is probably ten times better than almost every single one of you will give him credit for and unless you have watched this man play, you cannot truly appreciate how good he is.

    I can safely say that if Vorm had not made the move to Swansea this season, then Swansea would currently be well inside the relegation zone.

    Vorm has lightning quick reactions, immaculate hands and can seemingly reach almost any ball, which all combine to make him one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League today.

    To have been forced into 38 saves yet still come up with four clean sheets is an incredible feat, so kudos to you Mr Vorm.

3. Pepe Reina: Liverpool

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    Saves: 24
    Clean Sheets: 2
    Goals Conceded: 10

    What is there to say about Pepe Reina?

    I suppose he could be the most consistent goalkeeper in the whole Premier League, not to mention one of the best raw shot-stoppers in the entire world.

    Liverpool are incredibly lucky that they have a goalkeeper of Reina’s talent, as he has always been a bright spot, even if the lights around the Merseyside seem to be dimming.

2. Asmir Begovic: Stoke

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    Saves: 30
    Clean Sheets: 4
    Goals Conceded: 11

    Asmir Begovic is the most underrated goalkeeper in the entire world and it’s as simple as that.

    He has one of the most impressive stat lines of any keeper in the Premier League, but even when you look past the stats you can see that he has all the tools needed of a great No. 1.

    He has lightning quick reflexes, will win every challenge in the air, shows great composure and is even a great distributor of the ball.

    If you have yet to watch and appreciate the work of Begovic, you certainly should, as you will recognise the hidden gem that he is.

1. Joe Hart: Manchester City

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    Saves: 26
    Clean Sheets: 4
    Goals Conceded: 7

    Joe Hart has evolved into the most polished goalkeeper in the Premier League in such a short time period that it is almost shocking to see him atop this list.

    Yet whilst it may be shocking, it is certainly deserved.

    Joe Hart can do it all, and then he can do a little bit more on top of that. He’s just that good.

    He has conceded just seven goals, and has four clean sheets to his name despite being called to action 26 times, which is all the proof I need to label him the best goalkeeper in the Premier League.

    As a defender, there’s no player I’d rather have watching my back in the Premier League than Joe Hart, and ultimately, that defined my decision.