WWE Vengeance 2011: Who's Left for Beth Phoenix After Beating Eve Torres?

Merlot Williams@@merlotwilliamsCorrespondent IIOctober 28, 2011

WWE Vengeance 2011: Who's Left for Beth Phoenix After Beating Eve Torres?

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    Following two consecutive losing efforts, the IWC collectively breathed a sigh of relief after Beth Phoenix finally defeated Queen Barbie (aka The Female John Cena, aka Kelly Kelly) at last month's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event. We are all greatly relieved to see a true women's wrestler hold the Divas Championship and perhaps bring some of the lost prestige back to not only the title, but the division as a whole. 

    With Kharma out of the picture, Phoenix is the strongest woman in the division right now. In terms of raw power, no one can step to her. With her defeat of Eve at Vengeance last weekend, where does the Glamazon go from here? Let's take a look at all of the current Divas on the WWE roster and each's likelihood of facing (let alone dethroning) Beth Phoenix as Divas Champion.

A.J., Aksana, and Kaitlyn

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    All three of these women are all way too green to carry the division. Point blank, period. These women will likely be used as fodder to fuel Beth being an unstoppable juggernaut as champion.

Rosa Mendes

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    Truth be told, I had forgotten Rosa Mendes was even still employed by the WWE. Aside from a few tag matches, Mendes really hasn't been seen much on WWE TV as of late. That being coupled with the fact that her ring work is pretty subpar, I don't see the brass wanting to put a title match on her just yet.

The Bella Twins

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    It is laughable that one of the Bella Twins is a former Divas Champion. I can see these two being fed to the lion to maintain Phoenix as a juggernaut, but neither of them will take the title from her. 


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    I believe Tamina would be a good challenge for Beth and could put on a great match. You know she had good training being the daughter of Jimmy Snunka, problem is we really don't see too much of Tamina on WWE TV. Perhaps in another couple of months, this could be a feasible match.

Alicia Fox

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    Despite being a former women's champion, she was more or less a transitional champion. Even as I was writing this article, I almost forgot that she was the champion at one point.

    She is one of the better workers among this divas at this point (which isn't really saying much...), however I don't really see the fans getting behind a feud between Fox and Phoenix. Alicia would be better suited to go against someone like K2 or Eve if they were to get the title. 

Kelly Kelly

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    The former Divas Champion doesn't really stand a chance logically speaking in the eyes of the IWC. As far as WWE brass is concerned, they want her to be the next Sable in terms of the look that they want from their divas, and the next Sunny as far as being the face of the division. With the new "mean streak" angle they've been playing at for the past couple weeks, and with her ring work improving, Kelly might be in line for another reign, but I doubt it would be soon.

    If they want to make people care about the divas division, this is one of the few rivalries people might actually care about. Problem with this is, we have seen her and Phoenix work together recently. I don't think anyone wants to see K2 get destroyed by Beth Phoenix time and time again before WrestleMania.


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    Eve is really a toss-up for me. On the one hand, I believe that they could get a good program going between her and Beth and they could have a great rivalry going forward. Problem with this is, bigger names and better workers are set to return in the coming months. I see her being used as a filler feud before Layla and Maryse return.

Layla and Maryse

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    Both women are on the injured list and both would be great rivalries for Beth. These two are among the best workers in the division right now, and if either (or both) of them gets back before Wrestlemania, I definitely see them going after the Divas Title. 


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    This would ultimately be the ONLY rivalry or women's match anyone would care to bat an eyelash at. Natalya and Phoenix are the two best female workers in the WWE right now, and a match between Nattie's technical Hart style vs. Phoenix's raw power would be a match for the ages. A WrestleMania worthy match.

    Problem with this is, the two women are currently allies. Many of the fans get behind the Divas of Doom and want to see women's wrestling like we saw in the days of Trish Stratus and Lita. I don't see the two breaking up any time soon.

    Speaking of WrestleMania, that leads me to the direction that I believe Creative will take with the Divas Title going forward, and arguably Beth Phoenix's last (and only real) challenge:


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    She made her pregnancy announcement on the May 30 edition of RAW. Nine months would set her back for a return around February or March. This would be just enough time for Kharma to get back into ring shape, and hype a WrestleMania showdown between the two most powerful Divas currently in the WWE.

    I don't think that she would win this match simply because of the fact that she will want to spend time with her child being a new mother, but the hype around Kharma was monumental. Vince knows this, and I'm sure with all of the other elements falling into place for what is set to be one hell of a WrestleMania, a brief return of Kharma would not only put more hype in place for WrestleMania, but breathe new life into a dying division.


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    So really, Beth only has one feasible option, and 3 paths to take total. Where do you think she'll go?

    Will she continue her feud with Eve? Will Natalya turn on her and begin one of the most evenly matched rivalries in quite some time? Or will Creative keep the title on her until Wrestlemania to have a showdown with Kharma? Let me know in the comments section what you all think!

    Until next time, I'm Merlot Williams, and that's my opinion.