New York Mets Fans: You Wanted a Fight, You Got One

C KSenior Analyst IDecember 10, 2008

Apparently, Travis Miller is in the mood for a fight. Well let's go. Round One.

Travis is a Mets fan who says "the Phillies winning the title was the worst possible scenario for baseball."

My first reaction to this went a little something like this: "What the....?"

Honestly? Honestly Travis? Are you serious?

What shocked me the most was the fact you actually didn't really prove to me why the Mets were better besides their K-Rod signing.

But let me break down every one of your statements I found puzzling.

First, you said: "The Phillies? Seriously? The last thing the city of Philadelphia needs is bragging rights. Now they won't shut up for an entire year. They probably won't even shut up after the Mets win the World Series next year."

Hmmm...what made me scratch my head about this was the fact I actually have not heard too much bragging from us Phillies fans.

But, even so...we won. We deserved it. You choked. You didn't deserve to win. So why is it again we are not allowed to talk about our victory? How come we aren't allowed to have fun with our wins?

Next, you said: "Each player on each team is a year older, Chase Utley is out until at least June, and both teams have to figure out what's going on with their starting rotations."

Chase Utley is NOT out until at least June. Do your research. You brag about using, so why don't you go back and look at it, eh?

Chase Utley is out 4-6 months, and that was in November. So that means between March and May. The news was completely overblown when it said he was out until June.

That's the absolute worst case scenario.

And if you know Chase Utley, you know he will not be out until June, or even May.

Then, "Onto the K-Rod signing. This doesn't quite solidify the Mets' bullpen next season, but it's a start. Rodriguez blew seven saves last season. To the city of Philadelphia, that's a ton, but to the Mets, that's winning the division by 22 games.", that's got to be one of the worst statements I've seen on this site.

First, you say it's a start, and at the end contradict yourself by saying you would win the division by 22 games. See, if it was "just a start", I suppose it wouldn't mean he would give you 22 games back.

Plus, you lost the division by three, so if you want to get technical, it would be 19 games, not 22.

And oh, you said that that's a lot to Philadelphia...doesn't that prove their bullpen is superior?

Next, "Here's food for thought—the Mets are more likely to have similar numbers than the Phillies! Phillies fans can get all high and mighty, but I've got a reality check for you. Brad Lidge is going to blow saves next season. It's true. He won't be perfect again. He's going to blow some."

Nice statistics to back you up. I like how you didn't just use opinion, and researched some stats again.

Basically, you just said you think the Mets will have similar play while the Phillies will blow saves.

Well, if it's true, fine. I'll let you choke again and blow 29 saves again. Fine and dandy with me.

Then, "As for the Mets, we don't know what we'll get out of Carlos Delgado, but expectations aren't too high. Same with Luis Castillo. It's almost nice not expecting anything out of the second base position. Any production will be a nice surprise. It's not too much to ask any of the other veterans to have similar seasons to their 2008 campaigns."

Okay, but Delgado did perform this year, so wouldn't that make you worse? Just a thought...

Finally, "Oh, and our ace pitchers? Cole Hamels 2008 vs. NYM: 0-2, 6.00 E.R.A. Johan Santana 2008 vs. PHI: 2-0, 2.97 E.R.A. So, Phillies fans, tell me what important information I left out, proving you're the favorite to win the division next year."

Wait...Santana is better because of two little games in an entire season? Interesting...I guess Hamels' NLCS and World Series MVP's are worthless then.

What your fellow Mets fans commented was also amusing:

"I hope the Phillies enjoyed their glory days while they lasted, those days are over, the Mets are knocking them down from their throne. We were in Philly July 4th and the way everyone behaved was terrible, Ben Franklin smashing a Met helmet only added to the animosity, how low can go go!!!"-Wendy Adair

Another opinionated comment with no solidified stats to back you up.

"Yeah, the Mets need a starter, but I think getting a Huston Street, Hoffman, Fuentes to setup for K-Rod is a higher priority. After we get a setup man, I like the pen. All the guys that failed last year, mostly did so pitching outside their role. Adding two great closer-mentality pitchers should take all the pressure off, even making room to give Heilman a shot at the rotation?? Then, all we need to do is sign a starter."-Brad Webster

If, if, if. What you don't understand is that no team can do all of that. You are saying "after we get a setup man," and "then all we need to do is sign a starter." How do you know either will happen?

"the Phillies are a weak team now .
no chase utley or pat the bat , your done"-Ari Reich

Hmmm...No Chase Utley? I think I already addressed that. And has Pat the Bat left yet? Nope.

Travis also had some comments of his own:

"That's it! I'm officially going to start lobbying for the season to end in August to shut you Philly fans up for good! HA!"

We need to shut up? I'm the first Phillies fan writing an article since the World Series about the Mets on Bleacher Report, while I've seen more than seven articles about the Phillies from Mets fans.

"You call your sad excuse for a team champs because you beat the Brewers, the 84-win Dodgers, and the young and inexperienced Rays?? Phillies don't make the playoffs next year, and don't even come within five games of winning the East."

So now the Brewers, who had the best pitcher in baseball for the last half of the season and a red-hot team, are a terrible team in your mind?

And the Dodgers, who were one of the best teams down the stretch, are terrible as well? They did beat the Cubs, you know...

Then the Rays, who had one of the best records in baseball, are not good either? Come on!

What you forget is that even if some of those teams weren't "great," the Phillies actually put themselves in the playoffs and dominated each of those teams. The Mets couldn't even get there.

But come on! Please! We call our "sad excuse for a team" champs because they are! They are champions! They won!

You are floundering for excuses, my friend.

So let's go back to October 29.

On October 29, the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. Yes, they did it!

Did the Mets? No, they choked. For the second season in a row, I might add. Did the Mets take charge and storm their way through the playoffs? Nope, they didn't even get there.

But the Phillies did. They truly dominated on their way to the top.

So how can you disrespect the team that beat you in the division, and won the World Series? How can you do that?

Your team didn't get to the playoffs. Your team didn't prove to anyone that they have heart. In fact, they proved they are a bunch of losers. That's all they do. They don't know how to win.

But the Phillies do. They know how to win.

They don't fold under pressure. They rise above pressure and conquer it. How do I know? They won the World Series. The Mets didn't.

K-Rod won't make the Mets win the World Series. One player cannot do that for a team. Just ask Johan Santana. It takes an entire team effort, and the Phillies give that.

When Jimmy Rollins, Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, and Pat Burrell were not performing in the playoffs, Shane Victorino, Carlos Ruiz, Cole Hamels, and company stepped up.

The Mets don't do that. When David Wright, Carlos Delgado, Jose Reyes, and Carlos Beltran aren't playing well, the team doesn't.

So you stating the Mets are the team to beat is absolutely absurd.

First of all, the only two big signings that have happened so far are the Sabathia and K-Rod signings.

How do you know the Phillies won't sign anybody? How do you know? You cannot predict those things.

Second, the Phillies won the World Series. They proved they were better.

Yes, I'm saying it again. That's because you just don't get it.

You actually think the Mets are a better team, even though they finished three games back of the Phillies, who won the championship.

You disrespecting the Phillies for winning the World Series is horrible. It's terrible. Your team didn't do anything but lose.

Do not, do not, do not disrespect a team for winning the World Series. If a team wins the World Series, they deserve it. Because in order to win, a team needs to play like a team and needs to be able beat any team that stands in their way. The Phillies did that.

Face the facts.

The Phillies won, the Mets did not.

At the end of the day, all the Mets did was lose. They showed no heart and no drive to win.

But the Phillies did show those things. They won.

Bryn Swartz said it best.

"We're the best baseball team in the world. Deal with it. The present is now and right now we are the world champions. The world F-in champions."

Travis, you started this fight. You dropped the gloves first.

Now, Phillies fans will come back in typical Philly style.

We've dropped the gloves, pulled our fists back, and put you on the mat.

It's your turn to get up and fight back.


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