TNA: Spoilers Suggest Not Everyone Is Getting Along on Impact Wrestling

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIOctober 27, 2011

There are some crazy things going on with Impact Wrestling that are leaving me a little lost for words.

But don't say I did not think of this before when I made some predictions about the Bound for Glory PPV. There is a big STORM brewing and the only way to avoid the serious rain it could cause is just to allow things to happen.

If you have read Darryn Simmons' story on the TNA page of the Bleacher Report, then you know what I am talking about.

It means Fortune will disband. It means there will be a change at the top of the food chain in the brand. And it probably means AJ Styles has a right to criticize, bitch and moan on his twitter account as Sharon Glencross reported.

What I am worried about is the fallout from all this and how the company built up a great idea for over three months and then dropped the ball because it would appear Hulk Hogan is more in control of things than ever before and with his buddy, err...stooge, Eric Bischoff.

And it also means this could really be a sign that the brand and the company could be in trouble if the fans do not come back to support the wrestlers.

After a PPV event and flub of the changing of the title, there needs to be build up, character redefinition and a course for a greater path.

TNA, while we all got excited last week with the title change and James Storm winning the title in a most undramatic fashion, there was still hope that there would be a new direction of solid writing and new challengers for titles.

We got one, but I am not sure how we will handle the changes and if we will buy into that Hogan et al are selling.

I thought originally Storm would be the one turning heel in the wake of jealousy and everything else the company built up, but evidently I was wrong and with the sudden change in the title picture after Bobby Roode's match with Samoa Joe and then matches that involve Roode the following week, all I can say is I hope creative and TNA know what the hell they are doing.