Have Faith: A NCAA Football Playoff Could Be Forthcoming

Brad JamesCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

For all of his flaws, the old ball coach (as pictured here) may soon have his dream and I will as well.

Thanks to our friends at www.sportsbybrooks.com, which features an article suggesting a playoff may come to pass once ESPN seizes control of the broadcast rights of the BCS in 2011. When ESPN talks, everyone listens.

It is the go-to source of virtually everything sports related and it has the power to influence public opinion.

Everyone knows the BCS is seriously jacked up and if anyone thinks the controversy is at an all-time high, things will get much worse.

Powers such as Boise State, Utah, Texas Christian, and others aren't going anywhere and as the advent of the spread offense continues to make its trademark on college football, parity is only going to increase.

As much as BCS proponents would love Obama to keep his nose out of college football, when the law is being broken (everyone knows the BCS is an illegal cartel and has violated the Sherman Act since its inception), the federal government should intervene.

With Tom Hansen stepping down in the PAC-10, expect this league to expand for the first time since 1978 when Arizona State and Arizona left the original WAC behind to constitute the present conference.

Brigham Young and Utah will likely join them and as Notre Dame begins to lose its high status in the BCS via its perpetual losing, it will have to submit itself to the BIG 10.

As soon as these superconferences are all in place, perhaps each major conference champion can deserving wild card teams from other conferences to compose a 16-team playoff. Eight is nice, but they don't call it Sweet 16 for nothing.

Ultimately, the onus for bringing this to pass is on ESPN.

The WWL, if it listens to its loyal fans who post numerous threads demanding some semblance of a playoffs on its web site would be wise to force a playoff out of the likes of E. Gordon Gee and Graham Spanier.

No, the NCAA does not control the BCS, but ESPN does and will, so I hope that George Bodenheimer does the right thing and liberates us from the worst form of bondage since communism was prevalent in eastern Europe.

Do the right thing ESPN. Your popularity will rise to unprecedented heights, even by your standards.