NFL News Review 12/10

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2008

Well. Seeing that Clinton Portis is now "cool" with Head Coach Jim Zorn, we can all dismiss this as nothing, as well as C.C. Sabathia finally finding a home. I guess we can say those are as likely to hit the backburner as Plaxico is to not get jail time.

Today we'll give you your fix for all the intriguing information and give you some humorous tid bits to make you giggle and brighten your day. Strap up.


Daunte Culpepper, QB, Lions

Lions coach Rod Marinelli said Wednesday that Daunte Culpepper's (shoulder) status appears "more doubtful than probable" for Week 15.

For now, the team is calling Culpepper's injury a "shoulder strain," which doesn't shed much light on the extent. Marinelli indicated that Dan Orlovsky is next in line to start, with Drew Stanton second and Drew Henson third. The Colts shouldn't have too hard a time covering the 17-point spread on Sunday.
Haha. That's all the Lions make me do anymore. And I really feel for Calvin Johnson, I mean every week he puts up numbers some way, and yet the man doesn't voice a negative word. Compared to Dominic Raiola who will give you the finger and fight you on his front lawn. As I said, they just make me laugh.

Fred Taylor, RB, Jaguars
Fred Taylor is getting a second opinion Wednesday on the thumb he injured in Week 14.
He reportedly tore multiple ligaments in the thumb, although Taylor claims it's gotten "considerably better" in recent days. Taylor is certain to miss practice Wednesday and a roster move could happen by the end of this week.

What a sad day for Jaguar fans, and a joyous one for Maurice Jones-Drew fantasy owners. This very well may mark the end of Tayor's career, but it really is a big question mark. I will however give my great credits to Freddy. He fought through and truly dropped the tag of being "fragile" and was a good guy in a world lacking them. Thanks Fred, best of luck to you.


Antonio Bryant, WR, Buccaneers

Antonio Bryant called out ESPN's Emmitt Smith and Trent Dilfer for depicting him as a player with "off-field baggage" during Monday night's loss to Carolina.

"I'm a real person and that bull---- Emmitt said on the TV about 'get my life right'...Trent Dilfer mentioned something about getting my life right outside of football. Last time I checked, man, don't be a hypocrite," Bryant said. "A lot of y'all can't really walk on the same side of the street I can walk on and still go put on a suit. So remember that, before you disrespect me like that on TV."
Harsh words from the Bucs Wide Reciever, but can you blame him? He has taken heat for his "off-field" issues all the time since coming to Tampa and he has shown to be a model citizen so far. Seems as we don't know when to stop beating the dead horse, or chasing down the other one.

Tyler Thigpen, QB, Chiefs
The Kansas City Star reports the Chiefs brass will hold a brainstorming session at the end of the season to debate the risks and rewards of building their offense around Tyler Thigpen and the spread formation.

Herm Edwards said he's personally leaning towards keeping things the way they're going, pointing to the marked improvement of both Thigpen and the offensive line. Regardless, the Chiefs will likely target a quarterback this offseason. If they decide to stick with the spread, they will turn to the draft. If they decide against the spread, they will go the free agent route. The next three weeks will be telling.
Wow. I didn't know the Chiefs actually thought so in depth about these things. No lie though I am Jiggy with Thiggy, and he has been quite good this season, but the Chiefs have to grab another QB in the draft. Thigpen has faced cupcake pass D's and hasn't been dominating by any means. Expect a good fantasy playoff run from him though.

Here we are folks, ending time again. Hang in there and I'll bring you guys your news update tomorrow. Until then, stay classy, and don't give anyone the finger.