WWE Raw SuperShow: Top 5 Things the Muppets MUST Do for WWE

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterOctober 27, 2011

WWE Raw SuperShow: Top 5 Things the Muppets MUST Do for WWE

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    The Muppets are coming to WWE Raw this Monday! This is going to be a great show. I do not care if they are in the middle of the ring for two hours. Anything with the Muppets in it is going to be fun.

    Of course, I started thinking of ideas for the Muppets on Monday night. As most know, I am not a fan of "fantasy booking" that much. Well, with the Muppets? I am free to predict whatever I want. It is a one night event that will have no bearing on any future plans. Who doesn't want even just ONE night with the Muppets on WWE?

    Please save all the Miss Piggy and Vickie Guerrero jokes. She looks great, and the punch line is outdated folks! Be original...

5. Muppets Sing the Opening Theme

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    The video I posted may be one of the greatest things ever done in entertainment history. The Muppets must "cover" at least one WWE song. They have done a great job in the past, and WWE songs will be even better to listen to.

    If it won't take too much time! Please "cover" the opening song for WWE Raw. It will be quick, painless and we have to sit through those 30 seconds anyways. The Muppets are better than Nickelback..

4. Kermit and the Divas

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    Kermit and Miss Piggy are great together on screen. The only problem? Kermit and Miss Piggy do not always get along too well. My solution?

    Have Kermit talk to the women of the WWE, and make Miss Piggy walk in and assume the worst. It would be high comedy at its best. Kermit is always innocent, and Miss Piggy goes on a rant anyways!

3. Statler and Waldorf Call Raw

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    How ironic that 17 second clip is...

    Anyways, these two men are probably my favorite Muppets. Just the delivery these two have on whatever they are seeing is classic. My dream scenario for WWE Raw?

    These two old men calling the action! Why not? They can't be much worse than Booker T. Michael Cole and Jim Ross will be having some sort of "match." Somebody has to call the matches.

    Trust me! Watch a few clips of these two, and you will love them. Of all the Muppets appearing on WWE TV, I hope these two get the most time.

2. Nothing Too Serious, Please!

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    This is my only "business" slide.

    Please keep the Muppets to comedy only. I do not want a serious feud like Rock/Cena vs. Miz/Truth dragged into this. I am sure they will want a Kermit-Miz joke somewhere, but please don't do too much!

    I am all for great comedy, but seeing Animal punk out Kevin Nash or something like that is something I want no part of. Make this a fun show for Halloween, and leave it at that...

    Speaking of fun, that brings me to my No. 1!

1. Sheamus Meets Beaker

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    Edge calling Sheamus "Beaker" will always be a personal highlight of mine. Just a great line!

    I do not care how it happens, but it must. Sheamus running into Beaker backstage or in a locker room just has "Slammy Award Winner" written all over it. If these two interact, I am going to dance a jig for about an hour straight!

    Trust me! My WWE Raw review the next day is going to be 100 percent positive if I see this legendary moment occur. Sheamus and Beaker...can't wait!