2008 Pro Wrestling Awards: 2008 Couple of The Year

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IDecember 10, 2008

In reality, a couple is only as strong as they want to be. In professional wrestling, couples have to show a united front or they are doomed to be swept under the rug. For that reason, even the couples deserve an award for sticking together through the good times, the bad times...and the "rough" times.

#1) Glamarella (Santino and Beth Phoenix), RAW

The Italian Dingo and The Glamazon had nothing in common...except their egos needed some serious fulfillment. With that, the WWE saw the arrival of byfar its oddest couple since Mark Henry and Mae Young. Santino and Beth Phoenix shared a common goal: Being champions.

After winning their mixed tag match at Night of Champions, the duo continued to grace us with bad English and even worse "romantic" moments. But Santino was the Intercontinental Champion and Beth was the Women's Champion. At the moment, they were the power couple they wanted to be. Unfortunately, Santino ran into a wall that he couldn't break away from.

The returning William Regal took his precious IC Championship from him...and in the process, Santino may have found a new thorn in his side: The Goldydust! But still, Glamarella has been the funniest power couple on RAW in a while. That garners a nomination any reason. But at least they're not a disgusting looking power couple like...

#2) Edge & Vickie Guerrero, SmackDown

We all know about Edge's crude, lewd and tattooed lifestyle. But we also know that the women that swarm around him are some of the hottest women in the WWE. Unfortunately, his latest squeeze is nothing more than a nails-on-the-chalkboard Cougar.

Last year, Edge was taking time off from injury, but upon his return, it didn't take long for him to get back into the World Title picture. In fact, it was at Survivor Series that we saw Edge for the first time since his injury. He cost Undertaker the championship and allowed Batista to remain the World Champion. In shocking fashion, it turned out that it was because of Vickie Guerrero that Edge ended 2007 as World Champion and why he is most likely to remain WWE Champion at the end of 2008.

A year later, they're still together. Despite Edge's miscue with wedding planner Alicia Fox, he was decimated by the Deadman at Summerslam only to make his shocking return at Survivor Series and defeat Triple H to become WWE Champion. The original power couple continues its reign of terror on the SmackDown Kingdom. But even though they were deemed WWE's Couple of the Year, does that mean they'll win it here as well?

#3) Kurt & Karen Angle, TNA

The Angles. America's Newest First Family graced TNA with their presence, and to top it all off, gave everyone a reason to watch. Thanks to Karen, Kurt became the first man to hold every major championship in TNA when she feigned a bitter marriage to better screw Samoa Joe out of his share of the titles.

But over the past year, the two most powerful people in TNA were Kurt and Karen Angle. Kurt was heavily involved with rivalries consisting of Samoa Joe, Christian Cage, AJ Styles and even TNA owner Jeff Jarrett. While Karen signed a contract with Spike making her the most sought after commodity in TNA. She even got her own talk show for a brief period of time before taking time off to be with her family.

All in all, the year started with The Angles on top of the world...and it looks as if that's how the year will end as well. But are the Angles the couple of 2008?

#4) Big Show & Vickie Guerrero, SmackDown

Words cannot describe the insanity known as Big Show and Vickie Guerrero. This relationship started at Unforgiven when Big Show decided to rescue Vickie from imminent destruction at the hands of The Undertaker. After that, it became a battle for surpemacy.

The relationship lasted only a few months however. After Edge made his return, and Big Show failed to finish off The Deadman, Vickie focused all her attention on her husband's reign as WWE Champion. But during that tenure with Guerrero and Show, they made sure to make life miserable for everyone within eyesight or earshot of her infamous, "Excuse Me!"

#5) Sting & Sting's Ego, TNA

Steve Borden was always an enigma. In fact, after the fall of WCW, we all thought that we had seen the last of Borden since he didn't want to go to the WWE. But then TNA is brought up from the ashes of WCW, and loe and behold, Sting returns!

But his ego only became a problem this summer when he started his war with the younger talent of TNA. Afraid of losing his spot in the wrestling alums, Sting has assembled the biggest and the best in the industry to ensure that their spots in the stories of the history of wrestling will not forget about them.

I had all the respect in the world for the one known as "The Icon," but Icon he is not at the moment. But his ego will tell him otherwise, so instead of being the fan favorite that we all know him as, he associates himself with men who no longer care about the fans. The day he and his ego decide to part ways will be the day that everyone will enjoy and rejoice. But will that day be January 1st when he possibly wins this award?

#6) Chris Jericho & Lance Cade, RAW

Chris Jericho's war with Shawn Michaels started after One Night Stand. Even though, there was controversy surrounding HBK's leg injury in his match against Batista several months before, Jericho was playing a double role during that time. Jericho was going from face to heel in record time.

And during his rivalry with HBK, he found an ally in Michaels' own camp. It turned out to be new soloist Lance Cade. Cade decided to fight with Jericho and do his part in ridding the WWE of "liars and hypocrites" like Michaels. Unfortunately, he rarely wrestled, and the night he finally laced them up, it turned out to be the final match he would have with the WWE.

A mugging from Michaels in a No-DQ Match and lack of storyline forced the WWE to part ways with Cade. But before he was gone, his relationship with Jericho apparently was enough for everyone in the B/R Wrestling Nation to think that Chris Jericho is right for the WWE right now.

#7) Mark Henry & Tony Atlas, ECW

Mark Henry realized his dream of wearing gold once again at Night of Champions. That night, he defeated two of the biggest athletes in the WWE, Kane and the Big Show. In the process, he was also drafted to ECW in the Supplemental Draft, which meant that when he won the ECW Championship, he was bringing it back to the Land of Extreme after that night.

But his golden night was interrupted by an ECW Original, Tommy Dreamer. That same night, Tony Atlas was playing announcer to the main event match. But by the end of the night, it was becoming clear that Atlas and Henry would be a force to be reckoned with. In fact, Atlas was the reason that Henry remained ECW Champion for such a long period of time. But Henry lost the championship in the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven.

Still, Henry and Atlas are the two dominating forces in ECW. Combined, they look to be unstoppable...except for the fact that Matt Hardy is still the ECW Champion.

#8) Finlay & Hornswoggle, ECW

The Irishman was a dangerous man when he was just flying solo. But when his son became a part of the party, it was all anarchy from there.

From marbles to super soakers to toy shillelaghs, Finswoggle became a clear cut running comedy gag outside the ring. But in the ring, Finlay was dangerous, but his son was impressive. Not bad for a four foot living breathing troll doll. And let's not forget that Finlay is a former US Champion and that his son was the last reigning Cruiserweight Champion prior to the belt being retired.

In any event, Finswoggle proves that a couple is only as strong as its weakest point. In their case, Hornswoggle's size is considered the weakest point, but it helps in more ways than most people would know.