Is HBO Racist Towards Black Fighters?

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Is HBO Racist Towards Black Fighters?
D Wizzle's World has been hearing a lot about HBO being racist towards black fighters lately, and here are two emails  we have received from a boxing fan named Roberto. Thanks Roberto for bringing this to our attention.

"Did you notice that HBO  somehow was able to find time to fit the Roy Jones loss at the usual 10 PM spot even though the fight was delayed due to an injury. Meanwhile, they conveniently happened to air the rebroadcast of the Hopkins vs. Pavlik fight at 12 AM. 

"I also noticed that HBO2 had time to air the Calzaghe win against Hopkins at 12 AM before the Roy Jones pay-per-view aired.

I wouldn't think this was racist except that the HBO 24/7 portrayed Hopkins as a shot fighter who couldn't even find his own corner. If he was so "shot" than what does that say about their new golden boy? 

HBO will now pass Pavlik's  loss off as a fluke due to him moving up in weight. After all, he's still the champion. The next HBO 24/7 will probably be scripted cleverly to mention that Pavlik learned how to be crafty and now learned how to beat a larger opponent, even though he was dominated by a person that they thought he would KO."

Below is another email from Roberto:

"I don't understand why this hasn't gotten any attention. Winky Wright and Floyd Mayweather both stated that the people in charge of HBO Boxing are racist. I have no idea if this is true or not, but I do find it really strange that the first airing of the Hopkins victory of Pavlik aired at midnight and not the usual 10 PM spot.

"Why did they bury this "upset" victory?? How often does an aging 43-year-old fighter upset someone in his prime? After all, it's the same HBO that aired the documentary of the fight. I wouldn't think this was a conspiracy except for one problem. 

According to the DirectTV guide, HBO was supposed to air a replay of True Blood at 10 PM, then a Cathouse special at 11 PM, and then a old Dana Carvey special at midnight.  

"All three shows were replaceable. The fight wasn't originally listed, so I have to believe that they could have easily aired the replay at the usual 10 PM spot if their new golden boy won?

"Do you think they would have buried this fight at midnight if Pavlik dominated Hopkins the same way Hopkins dominated Pavlik? I don't know if it's racism, but HBO  clearly was trying to protect one of their contracted boxers.

"Will they do the same thing to Roy Jones if he's able to upset another HBO fighter like Joe Calzaghe? This may have started a scary precedent and no one cares. HBO can still promote Pavlik as a guy that just lost a decision without anyone except the diehard boxing fans knowing that he was dominated."

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