WWE: Why Mick Foley Is the Most Underrated Wrestler in the History of the WWE

Jim McCarthy, Jr.Correspondent IOctober 28, 2011

When discussing the top wrestlers in the illustrious history of the WWE, names such as Hart, Flair, Michaels, Hogan, Austin, the Rock, the Undertaker, Steamboat, and Andre the Giant are typically the most prominent names discussed. When WWE produced its' Top 50 Stars of All Time DVD about a year ago, this is how the top 10 ten fell into place.

10.) "Rowdy" Roddy Piper

9.) Rey Mysterio

8.) Andre the Giant

7.) Ricky Steamboat

6.) Harley Race

5.) The Rock

4.) Bret Hart

3.) Steve Austin

2.) The Undertaker


1.) Shawn Michaels

Now I realize that this list would be different if it was voted on by the IWC but I'm not so sure this one name would appear much higher than it was on WWE's DVD.

Where was Mick Foley listed at? No. 33!

I was watching Barry Blaustein's Beyond the Mat recently and it really got me thinking; could Mick Foley be the most under-rated, and most under-appreciated WWE Superstar of all time? Who has literally sacrificed more blood, sweat, and tears for WWE and its' "Universe" than "The Hardcore Legend?"

Think about some of the historic matches Foley was involved in; the Boiler-Room Brawl, Hell in a Cell, and Buried Alive with the Undertaker. The "I Quit," Last Man Standing, and Super Bowl halftime Empty Arena match against the Rock.

Remember January 4th, 1999? That was the night Mick Foley captured his first WWE Championship on Monday Night Raw and in turn won the ratings war with rival WCW. On that night, who could have been more important to the future of WWE than Mick Foley? One could make an argument that if it wasn't for Foley and his innovation in WWE, the WCW could have lasted much longer than it did.

Mick Foley may not have been a physical specimen like Shawn Michaels, Triple H, or the Rock but his accomplishments and contributions to the WWE and Pro Wrestling are unparalleled. He literally risked his life on countless occasions for the business he loved and how does it repay him? With a No. 33 ranking on its' Top Superstars list.

What do you think IWC? Does Mick Foley deserve to be discussed with the All Time Greats? Should he be top 10?

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