Tim Tebow Sparks Awesome 'Tebowing' Craze You Must Include in Your Daily Routine

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Tim Tebow Sparks Awesome 'Tebowing' Craze You Must Include in Your Daily Routine
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Tim Tebow mania has officially reached the boiling point.

There is no turning back from this.

The official Tebowing website has been launched, and it's here to stay.

Don't know what Tebowing is? Luckily we have you covered. According to the official Tebowing website, Tebowing is a verb that means "to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different."

If you've never actually seen anyone Tebowing, well, you have come to the right place. Just in case you missed last weekend's game between the Dolphins and Broncos, here's the Tebowing you didn't get to see.

Don't act like you don't do it.

You can't tell me you've never had the urge start Tebowing while walking across the street. It's a completely normal reaction, right?

Photo Courtesy of Tebowing.com

Sometimes you just need to drop to a knee and begin Tebowing. It's honestly a normal reaction that could occur at any moment. Maybe you're hanging out by the printer, waiting for something to print, and realize you just need to drop to a knee.

Photo Courtesy of RBibelhauser YFrog

Even if you aren't joining in the craze, it will find you. Everyone around you will start doing it at the most random times, and you will feel compelled to join in. This will soon be you, Grand Central Tebowing before you know it.

Photo Courtesy of Tebowing.com

Even normal people are Tebowing. Twitter user Brandon Galvin has been spotted tweeting about it. It appears that it's beginning to take over his daily routine.

Even surgeons are getting in on the action these days. Sometimes Tebowing is necessary before performing an operation. It consumes your body and leaves you with no choice.

Photo Courtesy of Tebowing.com

This Tebowing goes back a long way. It began back when Tebow still attended the University of Florida. He didn't celebrate or accept defeat like the others. He dropped to a knee to reflect on the game.

Courtesty of BourbonMeyer.com

Those who are constantly Tebowing are even teaching their kids the proper technique. This youngster still has a ways to go to perfect it, but he is learning fast.

Photo Courtest of Tebowing.com

Just remember, before you take your kids out this year for Halloween this year, be sure to trick or Tebow first.

Photo Courtesy of Tebowing.com

Are you Tebowing now?

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The craze is taking over. In fact, I'm Tebowing as I type this.

Don't hold back anymore, you know you want to do it, just set yourself free.

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